Heavy Metal’s Magma Comix Announces Return of Amber Blake

Heavy Metal’s Magma Comix Announces Return of Amber Blake

Bringing Hope

Heavy Metal has just announced that supermodel/writer Jade Lagardère will bring her sold-out series Amber Blake to Magma Comix, beginning with an all-new graphic novel in March 2021. Lagardère and legendary comics artist Butch Guice ( Captain America ) return with Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly, along with color artist Dan Brown (Black Widow) and designer/letterer Gilberto Lazcano ( They Called Us Enemy )…

“Through the character of Amber Blake, I want to bring hope to the many girls today who suffered from a difficult childhood and difficult times,” says Lagardère . “They have to stand up, speak up and fight back. They are not alone on this road. Each of you can be Amber Blake.”

Action and intrigue abound in Amber Blake , a modern sci-fi thriller that shines a light on the dark corner of human trafficking. A recent recruit of a covert agency dead-set on ending human slavery in all its forms, Amber is going to destroy everyone who’s ever hurt the people she loves.

Jade Lagardère 
Butch Guice

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