Help Artist Andrew Robinson To Cover His Surgery

Help Artist Andrew Robinson To Cover His Surgery

Assist A Professional Comic Artist In His Hour Of Need

Andrew Robinson is a very talented artist and he has hit a little bit of a roadblock. So he is doing a gofundme and here’s the details…

On September 27, 2019 during a routine workout session, Andrew suffered a debilitating injury in his left arm.
“I heard a horrible sound – like the sound of duct tape being ripped off of a rough surface.” 
He was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a detached bicep. 
After a visit to a specialist, his surgery was scheduled to reattach it this week on Wednesday.
The cost of the surgery itself is estimated at $3500, then there are the post-op visits and physical therapy sessions.
Our goal is to raise $4,000. This would enable him to pay for the surgery and a portion of the post op physical therapy.

Andrew is a freelance artist. 
He relies on commissioned artwork, and his ability to produce it consistently, on deadline for his livelihood.  
Though the injury occurred to his non-dominant arm, it limits his ability to work, and hampers the routine of daily life, including parenting his 8 year old daughter.  
Any donation you can give will be greatly appreciated, cherished, and utilized to help Andrew on his road to recovery.

Here’s the link to help support him

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