Help Artist Matthew Clark With His Medical Bills

Help Artist Matthew Clark With His Medical Bills

Give Him A Helping Hand

Comic artist Matthew Clark needs assistance with his medical bills and he has set up a gofundme to help himself out. Here’s some details…

Several months back a few things happened with me in my ongoing fight with medical problems. 

3 things happened.  First and foremost is my latest round of eye treatments and it problems. I’ve had to pay for severel treatments out of pocket which has racked up a bit of debt.  Sadly the treatments aren’t improving the eruption and a secondary problem has now surfaced.  I’ve developed a stutter/flutter in my vision. My eyes, when tired can’t focus and tries to readjust, this causes a bit of animation type effect where my vision will bounce between distances like frames missing from a film. It’s happened three times now each lasting 15-45 seconds before righting itself. With the improvements also comes side effects, the treatments cleared up the excess fluid but eyes a more sensitive to light now. 

2) My heart, as many of you know, I survived a heart attack.  Unfortunately lately I have been having issues, a high A1c, low HDLs and various other problems, in all honesty is way above my pay grade. Last Tuesday ( the 16th. ) During an appointment we have come to the decision that it’s time for more experimentation and my case is being referred to a cardiac specialist.  This really spun me for a day to process.  My current doctor has used every available option, I’m at maximum medications and no improvement and backsliding.  

3) My diabetes.  My numbers for over a year have been all over the map.  They are finally under control, but several of the problems listed above, are because of problem with regulating it.  I’ve been struggling with keeping food down, as we try to determine what’s the problem, which is apparently I’m allergic to the insulin or a product in combination with certain foods. 

A few other things happened along the way but I’m concentrating on the present bills and past. I’m at just over $4200 past due, some are getting readjusted and I’m still waiting for others.  The future I knows going to be costly and has that potential to crush me.  But that’s for later.  I’ve talked with HERO Inititave, but am holding off asking with such an expensive possible future. They understood and let me know it’s here if and when. 

Theres my updates.  I really appreciate you taking the time to read this statement.  Please, if anything, sharing this would help out immensely. Share

Here’s the link to contribute to Clark

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