Help Crowdfund Oats Studios’ Next Firebase Project

Help Crowdfund Oats Studios’ Next Firebase Project

Support A 21st Film Studio

♦ Director Neill Blomkamp, who has made films like District 9, Chappie and Elysium, set up his own short film company Oats Studios last year and he is looking to crowdfund the next Firebase project at Oats as a full length series of features. Here’s some details…


We want to build a 21st century studio that is funded directly by fans. The more people online that support us the more content we will put out. We want to create an ecosystem where we are directly fueled by the community. Our goal now is the next FIREBASE film. Help fuel us here. We want to grow and expand, but we need the community’s help. We will create the FIREBASE film tailored to the incoming dollar amount. If we raise $40 dollars we will film a firebase “Cat” video. If we raise $100 million we will shoot a FIREBASE feature trilogy.

Each funder receives:

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