Help Portland PR Melissa Meszaros Hit Her GoFundMe To Help Her After Losing Her House


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Don’t Hide PR’s Melissa Meszaros has just lost her house in the terrible Portland and Oregon fires and she has set up a GoFundMe to help them out…

Our closest friends Melissa & Ren (Brian Varney) lost everything from the Holiday Farm wildfire. They had just moved in to their dream home in Vida, OR, on August 22nd. They have a dog and two cats. Their three chickens were lost because they weren’t able to evacuate with them.

The smell of smoke woke them up in the early morning hours, there was thick smoke and ash. They grabbed the dog & cats and loaded them in the truck. As they were heading up the driveway, there was a police car shouting out to everyone “Get out now!”. They didn’t get a chance to pack anything but the pets and the clothes on their back. They have been staying in an AirBnb provided by their realty company since, with the fear of losing everything. No extra clothing, no socks, no essentials. Nothing.

Then a few days later, they learned through the Facebook community that worst had happened. Their home was completely burned to the ground. They had just purchased a brand new bed, lawnmower, and chicken coop. Their brand new car had also melted from the heat. Many of their belongings had yet to be unpacked.

TODAY by Windie Chao, Organiser

Love comes from so many hidden caverns. The loss is profound, but we are so fortunate have our each other, our fuzzy family, and YOU ALL.

We cannot express how much this outpouring of kindness and generosity has meant to us. We are so blessed to have so much love coming our way and to know so many wonderful people across the world who have taken the time to spread the word and donate.

Though we dearly loved the house and property, in this we realize that life and the people you surround yourself with is so much more are more valuable than any belongings. This experience has been life changing. Devistating. YOUR compassion and kindness in such a short time has given us hope. Even in losing our family photos, heirlooms, artwork, writing, unique trinkets connected to our travels, the overwhelming love we feel from everyone may just be the best replacement.

There is so much to this process and it’s only the beginning. All we can do is say THANKS.

Melissa & Ren

You can support them here

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