Help Support Adam Cheal and Amrit Birdi’s Borough Of Churches

Help Support Adam Cheal and Amrit Birdi’s Borough Of Churches

The Last Line In Defense

♦ We always like to support people’s comic kickstarter campaigns here and so here are details of Amrit Birdi and Adam Cheal’s Borough of Churches graphic novel…

The Premise

For generations the Borough of Churches has been the last line in defence against the ruthless vampire Lord Brother Marcus and his blood thirsty horde.

Charlie Swanson is the latest recruit to join the fight. Trouble is, she doesn’t give a damn about the Borough of Churches or what it fights for…yet!

Full of action, horror and comedy…oh and a wise-cracking badass female lead who will be sure to keep you entertained along the way. Essentially about family heritage…and all the crap that comes with it.

Created by Writer Adam Cheal (Redemption Heights, Toxic Storm) and  bestselling illustrator Amrit Birdi (Joe Sugg’s Username:Evie, F2’s Galaxy of Football, Assassins Creed), join us and Charlie as she discovers the dark secrets of her heritage and its true intent…with humour, horror and a whole lot of blood! 

Meet Charlie Swanson: our protagonist and next in line to head up the Borough of Churches – an ancient and secret order of vampire hunters. Basically, protectors of humanity from the scum of the Earth.

How did she get this gig? Simple: the short story is – she’s cursed!

Way back in the day lived Charlie’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Granddad, Doyle Swan. He was a simple altar boy and assistant to priest called Brother Marcus.

The English Church, led by do-gooder Brother Marcus, set off for Eastern Europe to help rid the world of a new threat of vampires called The Horde. But thing’s didn’t exactly go to plan when Brother Marcus succumbed to the evil of the undead.

Doyle and Brother Marcus, once friends, became mortal enemies – the living versus the dead. This was a fight which continued through the generations of the Swan family, long after Doyle’s death.

Borough of Churches: The Beginning joins the story in the present day as we reveal the one moment that changed Charlie’s life as a normal Brooklyn cop and catapults her into the world of battling the undead, delves into her family dark family heritage and challenges her to step into battle to take down Brother Marcus and his vampire Horde.

The Graphic Novel

Borough of Churches: The Beginning will be made up of 68 pages of full-colour sequential comic art, presented in an 80-page soft back graphic novel format and with three covers available

In addition to the books (available in both physical and digital formats), we also have a number of additional rewards.


Borough of Churches kickstarter

To help support the project, here’s the link Borough of Churches kickstarter

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