Help Support Bambos Georgiou’s Slash Moron Crowdfunding Campaign

Help Support Bambos Georgiou’s Slash Moron Crowdfunding Campaign

Space Idiocy

We always like to support crowdfunding comic campaigns and Bambos Georgiou’s Slash Moron looks like a lot of fun so here’s the details of his campaign on IndieGoGo…

Overview: Grab yourself a copy of SLASH MORON’s first appearance in print! Collected from the award winning online comic ACES WEEKLY, established in 2012 by David (V For Vendetta) Lloyd and Bambos Georgiou. Produced by the team that crafted the WALLACE & GROMIT comic strips for Titan Comics and Britain’s top selling newspaper THE SUN. A strictly Limited Edition of 300 copies, 250 of which are being made available here, and only here.


I’m Bambos Georgiou, creator and writer of SLASH MORON, a slapstick space opera spoof suitable for all ages.  When Aardman Animation decided to stop producing WALLACE & GROMIT strips I created a new strip, SLASH MORON, with my fellow W&G creators, James Hansen and John Burns.

This is a Limited Edition printing (300 copies) of our creator owned strip, which has only previously appeared on-line in ACES WEEKLY. If you back this project you’ll get a physical copy that will instantly begin to rise in value. Featuring 43 landscape pages of full colour, plus extra pages showing James Hansen’s beautiful pencils and my inking and lettering.

We’re keeping this offer simple by making 250 copies available exclusively through Indiegogothat are guaranteed to become collector’s items. We won’t be re-printing this book in this format ever again.

The softback book is 62 pages of high quality paper with card covers and measures 297 mm x 210 mm (approx 11 3/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches) a standard A4 size. The book was printed in 2016 and has been in storage since then and is now finally available.

Jim, John and I have worked for just about everyone from British weekly comics like The Lion, The Beano and Buster to American comics such as Savage Sword of Conan, Marvel Comics Presents, The Ray and Batman Adventures.

This book features three seasoned professionals of the comic book industry finally working together on a character they created.

Meet the characters…

SLASH MORON: Jock, hero and all around idiot.

PROFESSOR ESSOR: A brainy scientist and inventor with a one track mind.

GALE GOODBODY: A beautiful scientist who lives up to her name.

THE ROBOT: Emotionally intelligent and sensitive, he sometimes seems the most human of all.

Stranded on the planet Varzoom they battle against the evil emperor Klutchmong, despotic ruler of the planet…

“Slash Moron is to Flash Gordon what Spaceballs is to Star Wars or Flaming Carrot is to, well, any superhero comic…A lighthearted, comical sci-fi adventure packed with gags and great art. One for all the family, especially if they have a “British” sense of humour.”

Darryl Robson (

This book will not be available in this format again!!

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