Help Support Chris Irving’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit Action Adventure Mystery Cards

Help Support Chris Irving’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit Action Adventure Mystery Cards

Keep Eisner’s Spirit Alive

We always like to help promote people’s comic-related kickstarters and Chris Irving has a rather cool campaign running to create The Spirit Action Adventure Mystery Cards. Here’s the details…


 After criminologist Denny Colt is apparently killed at the hands of a madman, he wakes from what turned out to be a death-like sleep to become the crimefighting Spirit! Donning a mask with his suit and hat, The Spirit takes on spies, femme fatales, criminals and–did we mention?–more femme fatales!

Will Eisner’s classic The Spirit is back in The Spirit Action Adventure Mystery trading card set!

This campaign starts at 33 cards and, once stretch goals are met, will end at 50 cards, all detailing the characters, adventure, and art of this classic and inimitable comic that ran from 1940 to 1952.

The Spirit was unique in that it was printed as an insert (packaged by Eisner and with help from his stable of creative talent) included in Sunday comic sections. The 7-page Spiritstories began as pulp adventure but, after Eisner returned from wartime service in 1945, became highly experimental and humanistic stories.

In short: The Spirit was a masterpiece, and I’m beyond honored to make this set on the heels of both Madman Comin’ Atcha 3DMadman 25!, and Incredible Change-Bots trading cards. 

Much of the art comes from hi-res scans or photostats and is being exclusively recolored for this set.

They’re all here: The Spirit, Commissioner Dolan, Ellen Dolan, P’Gell, Sand Saref, Mister Carrion, The Octopus, and more in the character cards. 

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