Help Support Daisy Chain Kickstarter

Help Support Daisy Chain Kickstarter

Seeking Vengeance

♦ We always like to help out comic kickstarters and Paige Alfred and Mike Lynch’s Daisy Chain looks like a worthwhile project. So here’s some details from it…

Daisy Chain tells the story of Jessica Frazer. A very wealthy, attractive socialite that just so happens to be a serial killer in her spare time. She tracks down her victims by using various internet sites under the user name Daisy Chain. Jessica’s urge to kill stems from the death of her parents at the hands of a serial killer. Since their death, she has sworn to hunt down criminals. Everything from serial killers to mob families are all on Jessica’s list.

Risks and challenges

There are always challenges involved when working on a new book, but our biggest advantage is that we have our team in place, all of which are eager and determined to bring this story to life.

Daisy Chain kickstarter

Here’s the link to the campaign

Daisy Chain kickstarter campaign

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