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We always like to support comic crowdfunding campaigns and Dave Cook and Craig Paton have just launched one for issue two of their Killtopia series. So here’s some details on it…


Killtopia is an award-winning cyberpunk comic series set in a mega-city in future Japan. The city’s Sector K district is infested with killer mechs. Heavily-armed soldiers of fortune called Wreckers are paid to hunt them for money, fame and glory.   

Our story starts as a rookie Wrecker called Shinji encounters the world’s first sentient mech called Crash. They are then both hunted like fugitives across the neon-soaked metropolis by Wreckers, android killers and Yakuza gangs in a violent battle royale to end them all! 

The series has been created from a love of old-school manga and anime, dystopian fiction and the work of Japan’s finest videogame developers – all qualified and culture-checked by family members and friends living in Japan.

Will you like Killtopia?  

If you like any of these things then hell yeah, you’re going to love it:  

  •  Stories that feature: robots, kickass action, badass bounty hunters, mindblowing future tech, and vivid dystopian futures  
  •  Old school manga films like: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, The Guyver Movies like Blade Runner, Battle Royale, Pacific Rim, Edge of Tomorrow, The Running Man. 
  •  Videogames like: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Borderlands, Bayonetta, No More Heroes, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Cool, you’re still here! Here’s the longer Killtopia #2 story synopsis:

Japan’s about to get WRECKED! The bounty on Crash’s head has gone public, and Killtopia’s deadliest Mech hunters are ready to collect. Leading the charge is King Kaiju; a mechanised corporate mascot of death, who belongs to the evil Kaiju Cola Mega-Corporation.

There’s just one problem: the world’s greatest Wrecker – Stiletto – has gotten to Crash first. Their explosive showdown sends Stiletto’s peak celebrity status into a flaming tailspin that threatens to change Japan forever.

Shinji and Crash walk through The Heap: a dangerous district in the city's lower wards.

Meanwhile: Rookie Wrecker Shinji and his sister Omi have been blackmailed by crazy Yakuza crime lord Saitoh. He ‘s given them 24- hours to find Crash and deliver him to his gang, or he’ll kill them both. Together with underground hacker group Koshiro-23, our heroes plan a dangerous heist to save Crash from Stiletto’s clutches.

The explosive battle for Crash has begun. Who will get to him first, and what do they plan to do with him? Whatever happens, it’s going to tear Japan a new asshole.

Some of the worlds most vicious wreckers


The first issue in our series launched to mass critical acclaim. It got insane reviews, and we even won a Creative Edinburgh Award for our work on the book. We also scored a publishing and distribution deal with Glasgow’s BHP Comics after Killtopia #1 smashed £16,000 on Kickstarter last year.

Here’s a selection of review quotes from last year:

  •  Starburst Magazine (10/10 Review): “Killtopia is a meticulously-crafted fusion of glamour and gloom, perfectly portraying a future as energetically effervescent as it is unforgiving brutal, and more than worthy of taking its place alongside the litany of classics that inspired it.”
  •  Big Comic Page (5/5 Review): “If you buy one comic this year, buy this one. Yes, it’s that good. An exciting, engaging world and compelling story.”
The cover of Killtopia #1
  •  Pipedream Comics (No scores): “Killtopia wears its cyberpunk and anime influences on its sleeves like a badge of honour, as it perfectly melds every dystopian sci-fi cliche into one glorious technicolour package.”
     Tripwire Magazine (No scores): “Vastly impressive in every way. High octane, massive science fiction ideas, a big cast and a punk aesthetic mean it walks like a heavyweight and punches like a super heavyweight. A startlingly strong debut.”
     ComicScene (No scores): “They say most people have one great album in them. The truth could be said of comic creators. This is an exceptional piece of work and if never bettered everyone involved can be proud of what they’ve achieved. This is a fantastic, well constructed story.”

Team Killtopia

Who are we? Well….

Dave Cook (creator/writer): Hailing from Scotland, Dave spent the best part of a decade as an award-winning games journalist before setting up his comics label Card Shark Comics.    

He has created and written three comic series so far – the award-nominated Dark Souls-inspired fantasy saga Vessels, The post-apocalyptic road trip series Bust and rapture-themed civil war short series Feather. His love for Japanese action videogames was the seed that gave birth to Killtopia.   

Craig Paton (artist): Also from Scotland, Craig is a relative newcomer to comics. Aside from Killtopia Craig created the cover artwork for the Card Shark Comics series Bust.   

Outside of comics, Craig has been a professional illustrator for a decade. As well as working on video games and movies, he is recognised for his work for commercial clients, like Edinburgh Gin, Holland & Sherry and BBC Scotland.

Micah Myers (letterer): Micah Myers is a comic book letterer. He has worked on books for Image, Dark Horse, and lots of comics for other companies including Starburns, Action Lab, and Aspen. He has also lettered tons of crowdfunded, self-published, and pitch comics. When not lettering, he crowdfunded his own comic, The Disasters. He also has a lovely wife and two kids. Check out his portfolio of work here.


Killtopia #2 is our 7th Kickstarter campaign, and in our experience it’s best to keep rewards simple and to the point. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with each reward tier.

The comic: A slick perfect-bound book with 53 pages of story, complete with shout-outs to our top-tier backers and a collection of fan art. It’s full colour, glossy and expertly bound. We never cut corners, so expect this to look and feel like comics from the big publishers!

Shirt & Beer Mats: The evil soft drink mega-corp Kaiju Cola is a major player in Killtopia #2, so you can help spread that evil by wearing your very own Kaiju Cola shirt. (Comes in your chosen size.) You can also get a 4-pack of Kaiju Cola beer mats to add some chaos to your coffee table.

Stiletto Prop Pistol

An initial blueprint of Mike’s design. We’ll do an update on the final piece soon :D
An initial blueprint of Mike’s design. We’ll do an update on the final piece soon 😀

This is a our top-tier reward: a full replica of the pistol belonging to Killtopia star Stiletto – the world’s number one Wrecker. 

It’s a high-quality replica created by prop designer and friend of ours Mike Lawson, founder of WYSHCreative. Mike has made some truly incredible props over the years from movies, games and other sources. You can see more of his work on Instagram here.

Here are some of Mike’s previous builds

To support Killtopia#2 please visit here

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