Help Support Harker: The Book Of Solomon Kickstarter From Time Bomb Comics

Help Support Harker: The Book Of Solomon Kickstarter From Time Bomb Comics

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We here at Tripwire have always been keen on supporting comic kickstarters and crowdfunders. Harker: The Book Of Solomon Part One sees the return of Vincent Danks and Roger Gibson’s British detective series through Time Bomb Comics and even though it’s already made its target, here’s a few details on it…


Hi, I’m Steve Tanner. Welcome to the Time Bomb Comics pre-order opportunity for Harker: The Book of Solomon Part One.





Harker: The Book of Solomon Part One is  the first, full colour, sixty eight page perfect bound volume of a crime series that is a unique homage to classic tv detective shows, filled with humour, wit, adventure and devil worshippers. Oh, and pubs. Pubs with beer! Hurrah!

 FIRST STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED – The following artwork  by VINCENT DANKS will be added as a second limited print to The Printed Plus Edition  reward package as our pre-order campaign reached £1500:

 SECOND STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED – The following artwork  by VINCENT DANKS will be added as a second limited print to The Printed Plus Edition  reward package as our pre-order campaign reached £2000:

THIRD STRETCH GOAL REVEALED – The following “noir” version of our cover artwork  by VINCENT DANKS will be added to all reward packages if our pre-order campaign reaches £2500:

The Book

When the discovery of a disembowelled corpse close to the British Museum points to ritualistic murder, DCI Harker and his assistant DS Critchley are called to London to solve the case. The trail seems to lead to a shadowy group of occultists, but Harker has his own ideas. This is just the beginning of one of Harker’s most disturbing cases – the first volume of a two part story, printed in full colour for the first time.

Harker is written by Roger Gibson and drawn by Vincent Danks, with colours by Ben Lopez.

“A great detective thriller with intriguing story, wonderful art, cracking dialogue and moments of laugh out loud comedy… an absolute triumph of a comic.”

Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

The most entertaining TV detective show you’ve ever seen – but hey, it’s a comic! Harker has the shabby dress sense of Columbo, drives a car Morse would love, has the grumpy, old fashioned demeanour of Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes,  possesses the quirky oddness of Monk and displays the dazzling brilliance of Sherlock Holmes. And his Detective Sergeant is alright too, if you can get past the posh suit.

Harker is a classic hard boiled English copper in his late fifties: moody, antisocial and almost incapable of functioning in the modern day police force. His assistant, Detective Sergeant Critchley, is his  antithesis: bright, friendly and very much a 21st Century policeman. Barely tolerated by their superiors and underestimated by the villains, our detectives are eccentric and unorthodox but always get their man. Specialists in the investigation of serial killers, our heroes deal with cases far beyond the boundaries of the Metropolitan Police Service, investigating murders throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. 

Hang on! Haven’t I seen this somewhere before…?  Yes, you might well have! Harker has a long history: first self-published in 2007 by Ariel Comics across twelve individual black and white issues and then later part-reprinted by Titan Comics in 2010, it’s been ten years since the award-winning detective series by writer Roger Gibson and artist Vincent Danks last appeared. If you enjoyed the original series of Harker then you’ll know what to expect, but this time in colour! If you’ve never experienced Harker before, then you’re in for a real treat!

As with all my previous campaigns this is a pre-order opportunity rather  than an all or nothing plea for funding, reflected in the low campaign  target. This enables me to provide some great extras for those that want  them and to offer the printed book cheaper than it will be anywhere  else. To me, that’s an important part of what I believe Kickstarter  should be about – so I can guarantee you won’t see this first volume of Harker being sold for less by me than it is here once the  campaign is over. Also, I’m offering free postage to UK backers and at cost shipping  everywhere else*. 

*Since 1st July shipping from UK to USA increased by one-third due to charges put in place by the USPS. To mitigate this, and try and prevent the shipping charges for this campaign being too extreme for our USA backers, some packages to the USA  may need to be sent out via surface mail. However, these packages will be sent out first to minimise the wait.

The Rewards

For this campaign we have just five reward tiers available, one of which is just for retailers. But the rewards we do have will give you the opportunity to  receive some exclusive extras. 

The Printed Plus Edition reward comes with an exclusive colour art print by Harker artist and co-creator Vincent Danks. This print will only be available in this campaign for this reward tier and will be produced on heavy cardstock:

The limited reward in this campaign is The Bookplate Edition that also features art from Vincent, but the bookplate itself will also be signed and numbered by him and Harker writer and co-creator Roger Gibson. This will be exclusive for this campaign and won’t be offered anywhere else. Quite simply, this a rare opportunity to grab yourself a signed Harker collectable from two talented creators and only a limited number will be available.

All printed rewards will also include the digital  editions as part of that reward tier too. 

I’ve also cooked up with Roger and Vincent some cool  stretch goals that are lined up now that we’ve  exceeded our pre-order target. If you’ve supported any of my previous campaigns you’ll know that I always try to increase the content of the pledge packages if the campaign does well. That means  every backer who supports them gets something extra! 

Hopefully the page and art examples on this page give you an indication of what to expect from the book, with each of the creators – writer Roger Gibson, artist Vincent Danks and colourist Ben Lopez – collaborating to produce something very special indeed.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you consider pre-ordering a copy of Harker: The Book of Solomon Part One through this campaign. Thanks for reading.


Steve Tanner

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