Help Support Iestyn Pettigrew’s The Seas Kickstarter

Help Support Iestyn Pettigrew’s The Seas Kickstarter

Making Waves

We here at Tripwire always like to support comic crowdfunding campaigns and even though Iestyn Pettigrew’s The Seas has hit its target, campaigns can always do more with more funding so here’s a few details on it…


All art is complete and the comic is ready to send to print

PDF copies are complete and ready to email 

 You can find out more here – 


Back The Seas to enjoy a unique 49-page, A5 comic by 12 artists from around the world. Using a wide variety of styles and approaches each creator has made a short piece that discusses an individual’s identity when we are all but a drop in the seas of humanity. 

We’ve added 4 bundles to the rewards!

Vacuum Books Bundle including The Seas and a high grade print:

Motobus Bundle including The Seas and Thirty-One Moments with Pumpkinhead:

Dave Crane bundle, including The Seas and Waves

Jaime Nyx bundle, including The Seas and a selection of Jaime’s zines and extras

Cheerful anecdotes to stark confessional; fact and fiction; all of it talking about the personal, about relations person-to-person. Every contributor has made great work that, despite being so different, works together to make a great anthology exploring the nature of individuality from many unique and personal aspects. If you ever wondered about how it feels to be another person, you may find the answer in these pages.

As editor, I wanted to make sure that this comic reflected what I enjoy out there in the world. If there’s a singular aesthetic brought to this work, it’s that of my mind’s eye going ‘Whoa, how awesome would it be to put that with this and have it all together!’ I think the whole hangs together like a great album, each piece adding new context to the others before and after. The variety of style, opinions and backgrounds broadening the content, opening the conversation. It’s just like hanging out with a whole bunch of friends, some shooting the breeze, some deep in conversation. All of it just talking about life or love or living.

What you get

The anthology is landscape format, containing 49 A5 (148 x 210 mm/ 5.8 X 8.3 inches) pages of comics, including stories in both colour and black & white. 

You can buy it either as downloadable PDF or physical copy.

The Creators

Ian Miller 

Dave Crane

Gareth Hopkins

Miranda Smart

Mister Zinester

Jaime Nyx


Zeno the Cartoonist

Simon Russell

Vacuum Books

Sophie Ell


Publishing ethos

The project aims to achieve more than getting this work out to readers. It’s aiming to put money in the pockets of the creators for one. For that reason, we’re keeping it simple here – buy it digital, buy it hard copy and if you want to show more support, buy it and add £5 extra that will go straight to the creators. Everybody receives equal share per page contributed (Oh, how I wish I’d made it 50 pages now, not 49! That’s maths to break my mind!)

Except for printing, all money made will be shared equally as well, so don’t just purchase it, spread the word!

Risks and challenges

This is my first Kickstarter so I’ve made sure that everything that needs doing is done before I ask for money. All art is in and the comic is literally ready to go to the printer. The digital PDF is already finished and ready to send out.

The greatest risk is not getting enough money or getting so many orders I get a terrible cramp in my hand from writing out envelopes!

Back it here

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