Help Support Jimmy Palmiotti’s Painkiller Jane Graphic Novel

Help Support Jimmy Palmiotti’s Painkiller Jane Graphic Novel

A New Investigation For Jane

We are always happy to push comic kickstarters and crowdfunders on here and Jimmy Palmiotti has a new kickstarter to fund a Painkiller Jane original graphic novel with John J Hill. So here’s the details and how to support it…


Welcome to my 11th Kickstarter project under the PaperFilms banner.   We have successfully launched and delivered ten (10) amazing prior Kickstarter campaigns, learning what you guys want and always delivering our promises on time with the maximum amount of interaction along the way. Unlike a lot of Kickstarters, our reputation is one of the best and we are thrilled to push forward with another exciting project!Back in 1994, Joe Quesada and I came out with a couple of creator-owned titles with Ash and Painkiller Jane. Since then, Jane has been my on and off again favourite character to revisit. For those not familiar with the character, Painkiller Jane is a street level, crime fighting badass that has gained the power to heal from her wounds. Jane throws herself into her work, literally, fighting crime in the streets of New York. Her origin was a simple one. Her and her partner/best friend Maureen Fernandez get pulled into an undercover operation that lands Jane in a coma and after a few years, her body heals and when she wakes, the world around her has changed. Her partner has become a Detective for the NYPD and Jane becomes her lethal weapon, taking out the bad guys and not worrying about breaking laws in the process.

THE HARDCOVER : Featured in this book, Jane  teams up with the monster that patrols the streets at night, THE MONOLITH as they investigate a chain of missing children that leads them to a multi-state  human trafficking ring. The MONOLITH was a character that Justin Gray and I created for DC Comics years ago and since then the rights have reverted back to us and this is the first time we have seen the character since the series ended way back when.

ThIs is a hardcover original graphic novel that features a BRAND NEW 44 page Painkiller Jane story written by the award winning AMANDA CONNER and JIMMY PALMIOTTI -featuring the art of JUAN SANTACRUZ with colors by DAN KEMP and design and lettering by JOHN J HILL.

Also included with this hardcover edition is an pin up gallery showing some past covers and some NEW original pieces by AMANDA CONNER- RICK LEONARDI-MIKE AVON OEMING and more- as well as a 22 page done -in -one reprint story written by Jimmy featuring art by STEVE MANNION  and PAUL MOUNTS simply called ‘ Monster’ This story features nudity and language- so beware.

Thats over 66 pages of story plus a boatload of pinups, covers and unseen art totaling over 80 pages of PAINKILLER JANE goodness.

Risks and challenges

The Kickstarter for PAINKILLER JANE exists not only to raise funds to put together the book and album, but to create an EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter project that is unique in a few ways. We will be using Print-On-Demand structure to create an exclusive limited and signed editions of the book based solely on the amount of orders we receive.

This Kickstarter project will be the only place to get this specific edition and unique signed edition.

Eventually we plan to publish the book elsewhere for retailers with a different cover and contents, but till that time in the future, it will only be available here for our Kickstarter supporters! As you can see with the pledge list there are several choices on how you can make PAINKILLER JANE a reality and share this amazing story and art.

We will be adding more tier rewards as the pledge drive goes along, as well as stretch goals once, God willing, the original goal has been funded.

Many of you are returning customers who have supported us in the past and have received your Kickstarter pledges ON TIME and hopefully have appreciated our communication throughout the project. For those who are returning for another adventure, we thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts.

For those new to this project and our books, we want to say we treat each and every person like a close friend, reply to your messages and do our best to make sure you have a positive and rewarding experience worth your time and generous backing. We are proud of our work, the artists and designers we collaborate with and especially proud of the fine women and men that support our ventures.

Painkiller Jane kickstarter

Because of that, we offer a big THANK YOU to everyone out there from all of us at PaperFilms.

Feel free to visit us on social media or via our website, to learn more about us.

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