Help Support John Reppion And Dheeraj Verma’s Comics Kickstarter

Help Support John Reppion And Dheeraj Verma’s Comics Kickstarter

Fall Under Their Spell

We always like to support comics kickstarters on here and John Reppion with artist Dheeraj Verma has one running so here’s a few details…



Created by Saul Kramer, this story takes place on a fantastical and magical world known as Erridose. The first issue of Spell Warriors follows our heroes as they use their might, wit and magical abilities to join forces and defend the fortress of Ferrous Keep against an army of evil mutated Skab people. If the Spell Warriors are defeated then the Skab people will be free to enter the continent of Soodaria and wreak havoc and terror as they do the bidding of their dark overlord, Balki. Can the Spell Warriors learn to work as a cohesive team and use their unique skill sets together before it is to late? 

Help bring this graphic novel to life to find out!


This story revolves around a group of misfit heroes who decide to take on the task of destroying a terrible place known as the Black Pit, the source of great evil in the world of Erridose. The warrior Dar-Pan first sets off on this bold quest alone, and throughout his journey he encounters many friends and foes along the way. As he makes his journey to the Black Pit, Dar-Pan comes across his fellow companions, who join him on his quest one by one, as they each have their own reasons for wanting to join Dar-Pan and help bring an end to the Black Pit and the evil within it.    

As the Spell Warriors make their way to the Black Pit, they will face many trials, and their journey will eventually take them all across the world of Erridose, including visiting the massive continents of Soodaria, Yankona, and Terakesh. Our heroes will face much danger, as their goal is to not only reach and destroy the Black Pit, but to also bring an end to the army of the Skab People, defeat the 5 Pit Lords who are the rulers of the Black Pit, and finally, to bring down the supreme evil known as Balki, the most powerful Spell Caster in existence, who is the one who brought down the meteorite that caused the formation of the Black Pit, many years ago.     

 Graphic Novel Variant Covers

(Work In Progress)

Here are some of our variant covers we plan to have for the graphic novel and some interior pages in progress too…

Spell Warriors kickstarter

And here’s the link to support it

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