Help Support New Kickstarter Comic Defiant

Help Support New Kickstarter Comic Defiant

A Story of Doomed Heroism

♦ We have always been keen on supporting comic-related kickstarters and Time Bomb’s Defiant: The Legend Of Briathnoth Special Edition looks like a lot of fun. Here’s the details…

Hi, I’m Steve Tanner of Time Bomb Comics and I’d like to welcome you to this pre-order campaign for a special edition of a very unique historical graphic novel – Defiant: The Legend Of Brithnoth!

This is a brutal tale of brotherhood, Vikings, sacrifice, betrayal… and abject defeat. Adapted from the famous Old English poem of the same name, it’s a story of doomed heroism that ranks up there with the Charge of the Light Brigade and the battle of Rorke’s Drift.

Historically a record of the battle only exists as The Battle of Maldon, a 325-line fragment of an Anglo-Saxon ‘heroic poem’ detailing a bloody battle between the English and a Viking fleet at the Essex town of Maldon in the late 10th Century. Despite suffering a heavy defeat against the bloodthirsty Vikings, the English achieved a kind of moral victory because of their valour, determination and brotherhood in the face of certain destruction.

Using this fragment as a source, creators Andy Winter, Daniel Bell and Aljosa Tomic have produced an astonishing retelling of this battle in full, that centres on Brithnoth, the English leader who was in his sixties at the time of the battle – uncommonly old for someone living at that time,

Defiant is presented as a complete, full colour 96 page graphic novel, and is a brutal and bloody tale. But that’s not the full story behind this campaign…

Defiant:The Legend Of Brithnoth was originally published in 2015 by Time Bomb Comics and a very limited print run of 100 copies. Appearing for the first time at the London Super Comic Con in March the book was an instant sell-out. Buoyed by the reaction Defiant received from both fans and creators, I approached Diamond (the sole comic distribution company who supply comic shops globally) through their Diamond UK arm, to feature the book in their regular order catalog for a larger print run. Diamond UK loved it. They sent it to Diamond USA with a hearty recommendation.

And Diamond USA said no. Specifically, they rejected it as they felt that nobody in the United States or Canada would be interested in buying it.

So that second larger print run never happened, and only those who managed to get one of those rare initial copies were able to enjoy Andy, Dan and Aljosa’s incredible work. Until now.

You see, this isn’t just a reprint. Defiant – The Special Edition is exactly that, improving on the original release of the book and adding some extra bells and whistles to properly reward any backers that support it. The Defiant Special Edition features:

The original 80 page full color complete story written by Andy Winter, drawn by Daniel Bell and coloured by Aljosa Tomic!

Brand new cover artwork by Daniel Bell and Aljosa Tomic!

A translation by Wilfrid Berridge of the complete surviving fragment of the original Anglo-Saxon poem that inspired the story!

Sweyn Forkbeard: The Man Who Would Be King – An extra complete short story by the original Defiant creative team that provides further insight into the aftermath of the battle!

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE A limited tip plate featuring new artwork by Daniel Bell, signed by Daniel and writer Andy Winter will be included in all printed books pre-ordered through this campaign!


Traditionally stretch goals are revealed only once the target funding has been reached, but Defiant only has two stretch goals available so it seemed fair to share them both from the outset:


A limited print of the original cover artwork to Defiant by Daniel Bell will be sent to all backers of this campaign (Digital only backers will receive a pdf version)!


This is the big one! Should Defiant double its original goal, all printed books ordered through this campaign will be upgraded to hardback editions at no extra cost. 

As you can see from the artwork included in this campaign page, the story pages in Defiant are fully finished, so all that remains is to be done is to send the completed pages to the printer at the end of this campaign and instructions of how many to print. I really hope that you agree the astonishing graphic novel that Andy, Daniel and Aljosa have produced here is worthy of a wider audience, and a Special Edition of the book pre-ordered through Kickstarter is a perfect opportunity to achieve that.


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Here’s the link for the kickstarter

Defiant Kickstarter

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