Help Support Prefect 63 From Cabal Comics

Help Support Prefect 63 From Cabal Comics

Spy vs Spy

♦ We always like to support comics and crowdfunding campaigns. Fraser Campbell, writer of The Edge Off, has a new crowdfunding campaign and here’s a few details…

Prefect 63: An Alex Automatic Adventure is a 36 page A5 Landscape format comic book coming in January 2019 from Cabal Comics. The comic is written by Fraser Campbell, with art and design by James Corcoran and is black & white with a colour cover.

It’s a psychedelic super-spy adventure story influenced by TV shows and comics such as The Prisoner, Department S, The Invisibles, Miracleman and Casanova.

The Kickstarter to fund printing costs is live right now and runs until Friday December 14th:

A companion piece to the main series, Prefect 63 is a stand-alone prequel to the award-winning ALEX AUTOMATIC comic, and tells the story of a faceless Prism technician, assigned to the mysterious Project Animus. Here he must observe and report on experiments designed to break and control a dangerous new “volunteer”, Designate 44470 or “Alex Automatic”.

Continuing the departure from the main series, Prefect 63 is told with ink and screen tone illustrations by James and prose captions provided by Fraser.

“James completed an amazing 31-page Alex themed Inktober this year,” says series writer Fraser. “And I couldn’t let the work he’d done just fade away into the internet ether. I came up with a story and James came up with the idea of doing the book in an A5 landscape format. It’s worked really well and we’re very proud of the results. We did this for hard-core fans of the Alex Automatic comics really. It won’t spoil your enjoyment of the main series if you don’t catch it, but I promise, you don’t want to miss it.”

Meanwhile there are big plans for the Main ALEX AUTOMATIC comic which returns in 2019 with a spectacular double-sized #4 & #5 flipbook, that will complete the first story arc and promises to go a long way towards answering the questions thrown up so far by issues 1-3!

Creative Team

Fraser Campbell

Fraser is the writer of comics Alex Automatic, Sleeping Dogs, Black Cape, Mothwicke and The Edge Off. Fraser has also written extensively for radio and the stage.

James Corcoran

James is the artist on Alex Automatic. Originally from Scotland, James is currently based in London. James is an aficionado of European and British comics and continues to work on upcoming Glasgow-set crime comic, Stramash.

Website links:

Twitter: @FraserC69 @CabalComics


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