Help Support Robin Hoelzemann’s The Witching Hour Kickstarter

Help Support Robin Hoelzemann’s The Witching Hour Kickstarter

Fairy Tales With A Modern Twist

♦ We always like to support comic kickstarters here on Tripwire and Robin Hoelzemann’s The Witching Hour looks like a pretty worthwhile project. So here’s the details…

The forest comes alive at night. The wind howls and whistles between the trees, and every snap of a branch may be an animal, a witch, or something far, far worse. Keep a careful eye out for shapes and shadows. The white horse rides.

Praise for The Witching Hour

“Hoelzemann is one of comics’ most promising storytellers, and with The Witching Hour she once again brings her confident line and elegant gloom to bear and demonstrates why.”
Antony Johnston, Atomic Blonde, Umbral, Wasteland

“Robin uses her ever-elegant lineart and alluring colour palettes to offer up a cautionary tale that feels like it’s been plucked from a dusty book of fairy stories – one with gorgeous illustration plates that you pour over for ages. Classic, timeless and very, very beautiful.”
Emma Vieceli, Breaks

“As pristinely beautiful as a snowstorm, as deadly, as chilling. File next to Becky Cloonan’s morbid, unresolved, wonderful fables. File prominently, file with pride.”
Kieron Gillen, Wicked + The Divine

The Witching Hour is a self-contained graphic novel. This will be the first time the comic is available in print and we’ve decided to go big or go home. You’ll be able to read The Witching Hour in full colour, in a beautiful, glossy, A4 book. Including development sketches, a fantastic logo design by Paul Duffield, and a cover coloured by Triona Farrell, this is your chance to dive into the definitive edition of The Witching Hour. By supporting the comic at various tiers you can get:

Robin Hoelzemann is a comic creator and illustrator. She is very excited to bring the gothic fable The Witching Hour to Kickstarter, and is currently at work on a new story about a store that sells wishes. She enjoys baking, reading, tabletop RPGs, and long walks (with or without a beach).

Find me on: Twitter | Instagram | Ko-fi

Here’s the link on Kickstarter

The Witching Hour kickstarter

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