Help Support Ron Randall’s Trekker Kickstarter

Help Support Ron Randall’s Trekker Kickstarter

Reclaiming The Future

We have always been keen on supporting comic kickstarters here at Tripwire and here’s some details of Ron Randall’s Trekker campaign, a book which looks rather nice…



EXHAUSTIVE, DEFINITIVE. Collecting every page of sci-fi bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair’s first set of adventures into one, oversized full-color hardcover TREKKER: THE COMPLETE JOURNEY Vol I.  

  • Over 470 pages! 
  • 200 pages in color for the first time ever!
  • Printed oversized (7.5″ x 11″) to truly convey the epic scale of the journey. 
  •  Every page of Mercy’s journey before the current books Chapeltown, Darkstar Zephyr, and Battlefields in one glorious, full-color hardcover!


Before I turned to Kickstarter to tell the new Trekker adventures CHAPELTOWN, THE DARKSTAR ZEPHYR, BATTLEFIELDS, and beyond, I had already created a whole series of Mercy’s earlier stories through Dark Horse Comics. Those earlier stories are all currently out of print. This Kickstarter will fix that.


When TREKKER first came out in the 1980s it was a ground-breaking series: A badass bounty hunter who lives by her own rules and takes orders from no one as she makes her way through the violent and complicated world of the 23rd century. As Gail Simone wrote in her introduction to an earlier collection, “It’s of stuff like Trekker that revolutions are begun. A female character that is sexy but not sexualized, that is tough but not without flaws and doubts, and that is dangerous but not without compassion.”

All of those original tales are collected in this hefty, deluxe volume which introduces Mercy St. Clair, her world, and the cast of characters that are still developing and unfolding in the new stories that grow out of the adventures that all begin here. Whether you are new to the world of Trekker or a long-time fan and reader this book is designed to thrill and to satisfy you… and to leave you wanting still more.


Mercy’s very first appearance, the cover of DHP #4, 1987

Want to know what you’d be getting into? Click the above image or this link to a FREE PDF of Mercy’s very first adventure! The complete introductory 24-page story to give you the chance to see if TREKKER is right for you. I’m betting it is. (Colors on this story are by the always-brilliant Jeremy Colwell.)




For those already familiar with Mercy’s world, here are a few examples of pages that I’ve newly converted to full-color for the first time ever exclusively for this deluxe, hardcover volume! The results add a new subtlety, richness, and vivid life to the pages and make them feel finished in a whole new way at last. I’m thrilled at the chance to get these familiar-yet-new stories into your hands. And, the work is all done. All we need to do is fund this Kickstarter and the files will be on their way to the printer!


For this campaign I’ve kept the rewards as simple and straight-forward as possible:

  • Digital reward levels
  • Physical levels
  • Limited-edition, signed and numbered, tipped-in print (see below for an explanation of this term)
  • Original commissions
  • Comics-making consult, where I spend an hour with you offering tips, feedback, and perspective on your own comics project: script, art, or over-all project pitch. In person over coffee if you’re local to Portland, via Skype if otherwise. Limited to three slots only. 


The Retail Rewards level is only available for actual retailers. Individual backers can get additional books as add-ons.


For those who, like me, might not have been familiar with the phrase “tipped-in print,” it’s a page that is printed separately from the main text of the book and is then bound into the book. This lets us use a different paper (in this case, something with a bit of distinctive texture, since the print will be of the above watercolor I’ve done especially for this volume) to yield the best possible effect for this special image. Each copy will come individually signed and numbered by me.


Several backers have asked in the past about adding a second commission or an individual trade paperback that they might have missed during its earlier campaign. Happy to oblige! Simply add the appropriate amount to any physical reward-level pledge, message me through Kickstarter, and I’ll make sure to add your extra item(s). Here’s the run-down with prices:

Additional books:

  • Chapeltown $15
  • The Darkstar Zephyr $15
  • Battlefields $15
  • Second copy of The Complete Journey $50

Additional commissions:

  • B&W with Inkwash $160
  • Watercolor $335



Bringing these essential TREKKER stories back to print is our primary target, but we have a full slate of exciting stretch goals that will make this book even bigger and better: 

We add pages and pages of original sketches and designs that trace my thoughts from when I was first developing TREKKER, and on through several rare images of unused covers, in-house promotional ads, and a whole lot of other buried Trekker treasures!

We’ve been able to add a distinctive Spot Gloss touch to all of the Trekker trade paperbacks so far, and they add so much to the look and feel of the volumes. It’s only fitting to do the same for our first deluxe hardcover collection!

If we reach this stretch goal, we get to take advantage of the hardcover format to give our book an actual 3-D touch by de-embossing the background, which will in effect bring both Mercy’s figure and our red frame around the image forward, lending the cover a striking, “framed art” feel!

You don’t want to lose your place in the middle of tracking down some deadly desperado alongside Mercy, do you? Let’s add a snazzy bookmark to make sure you can always keep track of where our intrepid bounty hunter is on her journey.

Look, I’ll be honest. While I am super-excited at the prospect of getting all the original Trekker stories gathered together and in full color for the first time, it’s also true that I worked hard to make those early stories work well in black and white. And I’m still proud of those results. So, for those who like me have an affection for the “vintage” look, we can add the complete, original version of Mercy’s debut appearance!


Once this campaign ends, I’m committed to getting TREKKER: THE COMPLETE JOURNEY Vol I into your hands in as timely a fashion as possible, and to have you be just as delighted with the fulfillment process as you will be with the  book.

I’m proud to be working again with Blackbox, a fulfillment company from the kind folks behind Cards Against Humanity! These classy and delightful professionals will assure us the best, most dependable, and timely fulfillment process possible!

Having worked with Blackbox on my previous three campaigns, I know the level of excellence they deliver can’t be beat. They offer great follow-through at every aspect of the work. And in the few cases where something goes wrong with a shipment, Blackbox works immediately to address it.

That’s professionalism. And it comes with a cost. The shipping fees that I’ve set for each reward level are based on the charges I get from Blackbox. This rate generally, though not always, cover their fees to me. I aimed at striking a fair balance for sharing those costs. 


Creating a big hardcover book like TREKKER: THE COMPLETE JOURNEY Vol I isn’t cheap. I’ve had to factor in the costs of printing, shipping, manufacturing rewards, Kickstarter fees, fulfillment services (yep–as I said above, that great, reliable  service from Blackbox comes at a cost)…etc. And while I’d also love to eventually get paid for the time and work I put into coloring over 200 pages, preparing the campaign, and (if things go well) working with Blackbox to fulfill the campaign, I’m not asking for any of that in the campaign’s funding goal.  But, I am paying for some invaluable expert aid to assure that TREKKER: THE COMPLETE JOURNEY is as good as I can possibly make it. Beyond those good Blackbox folks, our campaign is enriched by all-new, splendid cover colors by Jeremy Colwell (Batman/Ninja Turtles), and interior coloring assistance by Caitlin Like (Maiden in the Machine). I’m also once again taking on printing consultant/production aces Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein and Allyson Willsey to make sure THE COMPLETE JOURNEY is as classy and excellent as the series and its readers deserve.  I need to  recoup those out-of-pocket expenses to keep some oatmeal on my table while I draw away tirelessly and lovingly on the TREKKER tales that will, when we succeed here, continue to tell the new and ongoing tales of Mercy St. Clair. 

Risks and challenges

Having run three successful campaigns and having fulfilled them all on time, I think I have a pretty good handle on how to go about things here. And as with those previous campaigns, once again the pages for the book are already done and ready for print. So with a successful campaign we should get the book off to the printer, and then on its way to your hands very quickly once again. All that said, a hardcover is a new set of challenges, and while I’ve done all I can to anticipate the extra wrinkles this might cause, something surprising can always pop up. But, I have the support crew on board to help me deal with the curves that may come, and I don’t anticipate any major delays. Should we hit any snags, I promise to keep you informed as we go about correcting them.

Here’s the link to support it

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