Help Support Shelly Bond’s Hey, Amateur!

Help Support Shelly Bond’s Hey, Amateur!

Learn From The Pros

We here at Tripwire are always happy to give comic crowdfunders a push and Shelly Bond’s Hey, Amateur! looks like a cool project so here’s a few details…

ALL PROS, NO CONS! Top-notch writers and artists share hidden talents from the practical to the peculiar in a collection of 1-page comics. 

Each story is part personal “how-to,” part “how-so.” Learn new skills or hone the ones you’ve got from “How to” use a knife like a French chef, create a talisman (& then destroy it), talk to a celebrity and more! Some of our 1-pagers will also illuminate aspects of the comic book storytelling process like writing, drawing, lettering, coloring and editing. 

HEY, AMATEUR! originated as the final page in our BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY anthologies. And, as you can see below, it demanded to be expanded. 

With over a quarter century of experience, award-winning DC/Vertigo and Black Crowneditor Shelly Bond will wrangle an inventive assemblage of writers and artists from veterans to newcomers including Michael Allred, Gail Simone, Simon Bisley, Jill Thompson, John Allison, Liz Prince, Mark Buckingham, Magdalene Visaggio and others to be announced throughout the 30-day campaign.

The goal of HEY, AMATEUR! is to create a 128-page exclusive hardcover of 1-page stories that entertains, educates and empowers while saluting the artform we love. The plan is to give each story a spread of real estate so we can include the creator bios and a bit of extra info. The remaining pages will allow us to procure an introduction and an afterword from comics pros and experts from other disciplines. We also plan to run some process pages.  Our ultimate goal is 100 stories/224 pages so with any luck we’ll get there.


It was all our intern’s idea.  Once he was given a suitable moniker, it went to his head.  Presenting, The Monkeys of Amateur SKETCH LOTTERY Level!

50 artists will donate a 4 X 4 signed sketch of their version of Doctor Tork in their own inimitable style. Since it’s a lottery, there’s no telling whose work you’ll receive. But know this: It will be cool. And collectible!

For $75 this level includes: the hardcover + one random sketch of Doctor Tork + signed bookplate + digital copy

Mark Buckingham turned in his sketch already which is no surprise. As his former editor of Fables for 15+ years, I know he’s a deadline cruncher and I expected no less. Cheers, Bucky, for your superb flying monkey intern, Doctor Tork!

Risks and challenges

Producing a large hardcover book with many contributors from different time zones requires a lot of coordination. Editor/curator SHELLY BOND has a proven track record that spans nearly three decades, editing beloved comic book series Fables and The Sandman in addition to anthology titles. Bond edited and co-curated her last Kickstarter, FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, which contained 50 stories by over 100 writers and artists from around the globe. It funded close to 100K and was delivered on time to 1,733 backers.

FEMME MAGNIFIQUE was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Anthology for the softcover that was published through her imprint, BLACK CROWN/IDW Publishing. If HEY, AMATEUR! is funded as a hardcover, BLACK CROWN will release the softcover with a different cover in summer or fall 2020.

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