Help Support Technofreak’s Kickstarter Campaign

Help Support Technofreak’s Kickstarter Campaign

Living In A Future Nightmare

♦ We here at Tripwire always like to support comic kickstarter campaigns, especially UK ones, and John Charles and Barry May are running one for their Technofreak comic so here’s the details…

Imagine you live in a dystopian 31st Century London.

Imagine you have a super-computer implanted in your head…

Imagine your closest companion is a talking robot cat, and your best girl is a heartless bitch who ditched you for your best friend…

Welcome to the world of Jon Sherlok – Technofreak!

Read Technofreak issue one, the radical new comic from Sunday Lunch Comics.

Technofreak is brought to you by writer/colourist John Charles, and co-writer Barry May. It features art by Tom Newell, with lettering by Nikki Foxrobot. We’re talking 26 pages of full-colour joy, plus back-up features. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a sensational new comic book character.

John and Barry have written two books together and made their comics debut writing Spider-Man and the X-Men for Panini UK/Marvel. John is a long-time contributor to the UK’s finest comic, 2000AD, as an artist and colourist. Tom is a force of nature and is sure to be the next big thing in comic art. Nikki Foxrobot is a very experienced letterer, and not a robot at all, despite the name.

We are raising money to fund a litho print run of issue 1 which we will then sell online and at conventions. Digital copies will also be available online. Our website will come online mid-September 2018 once we have raised the funds in Kickstarter!

A lot of time and effort has gone into creating TechnoFreak; we are hoping it will be the next big thing!

We will be very grateful for your support. Issue 2 is already in the works.

Technofreak kickstarter

Technofreak kickstarter campaign

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