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We here at Tripwire have always been keen to support comic kickstarters and crowdfunders and here’s details of The Business Of Independent Comic Book Publishing project…


Becoming a comic book professional isn’t like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. There’s no license you can obtain or standard path for you to follow. The business of comics is chaotic and complex and can riddle you with questions like:

  • How much money do I need to publish my comic?
  • How much money should I charge for my comic?
  • Does social media matter?
  • How can I work with comic shops to market the comics?
  • How do I select a printer for your books?

THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING answers these questions and more. Organized in three easy-to-read parts (pre-production; production; and post-production) with chapters devoted to topics including intellectual property management; production; distribution; sales and advertising; marketing; and everything in between.

THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING explains the business and legal concepts of the comics industry so you can maximize your creativity. By minimizing doubt and frustration around the business end of things, you can get back to the thing you love: publishing and creating comics!

Comic book attorney and business consultant Gamal Hennessy taps into more than 2 decades of experience to break down the complex comics business into layman’s terms. When he’s not practicing law, Hennessy writes novels and provides both practical business advice and inspiration.  THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING is edited by Aftershock editor-in chief Mike Marts, and features a foreword from writer and Heavy Metal executive editor Joseph P Illidge. It’s a book by pros, for pros and aspiring creators alike. If you’re serious about a career in comics, this book is an essential read. After all: who wouldn’t want to create the next Superman (and retain ownership of the intellectual property)?

The book will guide you through the following:

  • Turning your creative ideas into published comics
  • Developing intellectual property that you own and control
  • Creating a business plan tailored for your specific publishing goals
  • Finding and hiring a professional team to create your book and support your business
  • Understanding the distribution process
  • Creating comics—that you can be proud of—on time and under budget
  • Using your comics to generate multiple streams of revenue
  • Building a long-term relationship with your readers

As acclaimed writer and editor Joseph P Illidge writes in the introduction to THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING:

“We are living in the time of a global paradigm shift, from a business culture that wanted to marginalize, trivialize, and ignore the stories and lives of people from diverse communities, lifestyles, life conditions, and gender identifications, to a global corporate complex that invites new stories, diverse narratives, and creators of different cultures.

The business relationships of the future will be determined by an understanding of mutual value between the creator and the publisher, making it more important than ever that both sides are armed with the knowledge to protect their intellectual properties.

THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING is the roadmap to a secure creative future, a journey that begins with personal and tough questions.Questions requiring the aspiring entrepreneur to be self-aware and honest….

The comic book industry, and business of intellectual properties based on characters and worlds, can be both exciting and perilous. A journey of great importance and substantial reward is best undertaken with the aid of a guide, and the dawning clarity of a clear path.

  • You have found your guide, and the means through which to illuminate your path.”
Comic Pros & Cons’ Derek Becker, Gamal, and Dirk Vanover of Vanover Legal, LLC

Testimonials for Gamal Hennessey

“Hard-working, patient, keen eye to detail, and always on your side. That’s just a few words that described my experience with Gamal and his services. I felt very positive with the work he did and when the need comes about, I would go to him in a heartbeat.”— Tim Smith, acclaimed artist for Black, Marvel, DC and Archie Comics

“Gamal has provided me with excellent advice on potential publishing contracts on several occasions, and he steered me away from some deals that just weren’t right for my own goals. As a result, I was able to place my creator-owned properties in better situations. I highly recommend Gamal for any comics creator facing the legalese of a publisher contract.”— Rob Anderson, Writer of Creature CopsRex the Zombie Killer and My Little Pony

“Deadline oriented expert. Innovative, strong and detail oriented professional. He is not only a responsible and hard working General Counsel but also an inspiring professional. I have had the pleasure of working with Gamal since we both left CPM and I have seen him turn his passion into his profession. It’s amazing to work with such a person.”—Sara Erickson, Creative Director Design & Development, Hasbro

“Gamal was the first attorney who bothered to explain my contracts to me. He wasn’t just interested in tweaking language, he wanted to increase my understanding of contracts going forward.”— Andy Schmidt, President of Comics Experience

“Gamal is very knowledgeable about IP and Entertainment law and very professional, but that’s just the minimum. He went above and beyond the call and he took the time to make sure I felt listened to and not only that I understood things, but that I felt understood as well. I have already recommended several people to talk to Mr. Hennessy and I hope to work with him for years to come!”—Ian Powers, President of Dragon’s Gate Entertainment, Ltd.

“I went to Gamal to help me a create work for hire contract and to give me a legal analysis to protect my work. He was incredibly helpful and explained things thoroughly in my consultation. He was also reasonably priced in comparison to many others that I’d inquired after which was a huge help for a small business owner.”—Jack Wallace, President of Disposable Fiction Inc.

“I hired Gamal to help me put together a boilerplate contract for use as a freelance writer, so I would have clear terms to hold clients to. Gamal directed the conversation, asked me the right questions about what was important to me, and helped me put together a contract that has since served me well (and that I haven’t once had to enforce). He was quick, responsive, and far more affordable than just about any other lawyer you’re likely to find. I would absolutely recommend his services.”— Brandon Carbaugh, Author of Black Knight and The Wish

Highly recommended.”—  Chris Lewis, Author of Karma Police

Why We’re Bringing This Project to Kickstarter

The plan was to release THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING at New York ComicCon. It’s unlikely there will be cons anytime soon, so we’re turning to Kickstarter to release the book. Think of this campaign as a debut at a digital Artist Alley!

We’re raising money to help offset printing costs and marketing costs associated with this book.

Risks and challenges

I don’t normally run Kickstarter projects, but I’ve been making deadlines and running a company for 15 years. Best of all, the book is already completed and has been edited by Mike Marts. If the campaign is funded, we’ll be able to send the book to the printer without delay, barring any COVID-19 related setbacks.

Here’s the link to the campaign

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