Help Support Time Bomb’s Latest Kickstarter Project

Help Support Time Bomb’s Latest Kickstarter Project

Strange Tales Indeed

Time Bomb Comics has a new comics kickstarter called Brawler launching at Portsmouth Comic Con and here’s some details…

Brawler is an anthology of strange tales and amazing stories with all new stories and art from Richmond Clements, Nigel Dobbyn, Jason Cobley, James Gray, Steve Tanner, Pete Woods, Fraser Campbell, James Corcoran, Katie Cunningham, Grace Toscano, Dan Whitehead, David Hitchcock, Mitz Prime & Staz Johnson!

Published in May by Time Bomb Comics, and making its show debut at Portsmouth Comic Con, with this amazing variant cover. Members of the Brawler creative team – writer Steve Tanner, Jason Cobley & artist Pete Woods – will be part of the Brawler launch team at the Time Bomb table at Portsmouth Comic Con 2019!

Here’s the link to support the project

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