Help Support Western Comic Hard Country

Help Support Western Comic Hard Country

Ride The Hard Country

♦ We have always liked to give comic kickstarters a boost and Accent UK’s Hard Country looks like a rather nifty project so here’s the details…

Matthew McKenzie is a man on a mission.

He has tracked his quarry across the US and how caught up within in the appropriately named town called Resurrection.

The problem is that the man he is after leads a band of hardened outlaws and they have taken over the whole town.

A man would have to be crazy to go up against such odds.

Crazy or with an ace up his sleeve.

Something that gives him the edge.

That sets him apart.

Mathew McKenzie has such an edge.

But will it be enough?

McKenzie’s tale is told in a 128 page graphic novel, greyscale with colour covers.

The US Marshal reward includes this excellent pencil artwork page scanned and then inked to become the cover image for issue 3 of WesterNoir.

A print card will be awarded to all Backers for every £300 that we reach above the targeted £1000. More details will follow with regards the artists for these full colour images that will be of characters from the WesterNoir comics.

Risks and challenges

The comic book is already completed we just need help with print costs.


Hard Country Accent kickstarter www.tripw

Here’s the link to support it

Hard Country kickstarter


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