Help Time Bomb Comics Kickstart Their Clockwork Cavalier Special

Help Time Bomb Comics Kickstart Their Clockwork Cavalier Special

Running Like Clockwork

Time Bomb Comics have just started a new kickstarter campaign for The Clockwork Cavalier Special and we always like to support comic crowdfunding campaigns. So here’s some details for it…


I’m Steve Tanner, the writer of the ongoing Flintlock anthology series, and I’d like to welcome you to the pre-order campaign for The Clockwork Cavalier Special –  an extra length full colour complete historical adventure set in the world of Flintlock but with an added clockpunk twist!

Wait? What? Clockpunk?!?   Yes, that’s right, The Clockwork Cavalier Special’s genre is best described as “clockpunk” – a retrofuturistic derivative of steampunk with a post Medieval, pre Victorian setting – and in this story the setting is London in the 1770s!

It’s a great environment for adventure storytelling and in this self-contained one-shot I’ve ramped up the clockpunk aspects of the Cavalier to full effect, as the city of London comes under threat by a menace unlike anything seen before in the 18th Century, yet has its origins in one of the period’s most notorious factions.

Some of you may already be familiar with the Clockwork Cavalier who first appeared in a 6 page black and white complete short story in Book One of the unique historical anthology series Flintlock (itself a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2016). In that tale, set in 1753, little was revealed about this mysterious clockwork automaton beyond that he had been recruited into the world’s first organised  police force – the Bow Street Runners – to help them fight crime in 18th Century London.

Despite the mystery surrounding the Cavalier’s origins, or perhaps because of it,  Flintlock’s cogwheeled conundrum was received with enthusiasm, but this clockpunk infused crime fighter was always intended to be much more than just a supporting character, as this first spin-off from the Flintlock anthology will reveal. However, this all-new story is set twenty years after the Cavalier’s previous appearances in Flintlock; you don’t need to have read any of those to fully enjoy this new story, but you can get all the Cavalier’s previous appearances too as part of this campaign if you want to!

As well as the Clockwork cavalier, this Special also marks the debut of a brand-new character in the shape of Tilly Quickstep. How Tilly knows the Cavalier, the part she plays in the story and how through it she becomes a key player in our unique 18th Century setting is something I’m looking forward to revealing in the book. I think anyone who likes strong, female characters will really like Tilly, and  I really do think there isn’t another female comics character like her!

The Cavalier’s a great character to write, but what makes this Special even more, well, special, is the astonishing artwork produced by line artist Francesco Archidiacono and colour artist Ben Lopez in bringing the Cavalier’s story to vibrantly detailed life. From the pillars of Covent Garden to the rolling fields of Hampstead Heath, both artists have done a terrific job of realising 1770s London, and some of the pages of Francesco’s line art for the book are available as limited rewards in this campaign (see below for further details). Of course, I’ve also recruited regular Flintlock letterer Bolt-01 onto the team as well.

As with all my previous campaigns this is a pre-order opportunity rather than an all or nothing plea for funding, reflected in the low campaign target. This enables me to provide some great extras for those that want them and to offer the printed book cheaper than it will be anywhere else. To me, that’s an important part of what I believe Kickstarter should be about – so I can guarantee you won’t see The Clockwork Cavalier Special being sold for less by me than it is here once the campaign is over. Also, excepting the higher end rewards, I’m offering free postage to UK backers for all but the original page rewards, and at cost shipping everywhere else.  All printed rewards will also include the digital editions as part of that reward tier too. I’ve also got some cool stretch goals lined up should we exceed our pre-order target – I really hope we do, as one the things I always try and achieve with my Kickstarter campaigns is to add value to them if they do well, and properly rewarding backers who support it!

The heart of this campaign though, is the opportunity to enjoy the Clockwork Cavalier’s first extra length adventure. I hope you’ll consider coming back to the 18th Century with Francesco, Ben, Bolt-01 and myself to do just that.



To pledge and get the full details, please visit their campaign here

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