IDW’s Ragnarok Portfolio Reviewed

IDW’s Ragnarok Portfolio Reviewed

The Art of A Modern Fantasy Epic

♦As people who visit here on a regular basis know, we are huge admirers of Walter Simonson’s work. And IDW have just released a beautiful portfolio of a selection of his covers on Ragnarok, so here’s our look at this lovely object…

Walter Simonson’s Ragnarok Artist’s Edition Portfolio
By Walter Simonson
IDW Publishing

Walter Simonson is still of the finest artists still working in comics today and Ragnarok is a wonderful epic fantasy series. This beautiful Artist’s Edition Portfolio reproduces a series of his stunning covers from the series in this lovely cardboard sleeve. The reproduction is excellent and it is great to see his images in black and white without the series logo, taking nothing away from the colouring of Laura Martin.

You can admire the composition and detail that the artist puts into all of his covers and these would also be great to frame on your wall. Just like the Artist’s Editions they publish, IDW have put a lot of care and attention into this and they have created a gorgeous work showcasing Simonson’s art.

If you are a fan of Walter Simonson, Ragnarok and quality comics art, at what is a fairly reasonable price, then you should pick this up. Congratulations to Scott Dunbier and IDW for another winner.



Ragnarok portfolio

Walter Simonson’s Ragnarok Artist’s Edition Portfolio is out now at $45 from IDW

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