Image’s Moonstruck, Vol. 2: Some Enchanted Evening Will Offer Valentine’s Charm This February

Image’s Moonstruck, Vol. 2: Some Enchanted Evening Will Offer Valentine’s Charm This February

Get Moonstruck Again

♦ Lumberjanes co-creator Grace Ellis and breakout artist Shae Beagle will release the eagerly awaited second chapter of their ongoing all-ages series—Moonstruck—this February.…

“I’m beyond excited for our new trade format,” Ellis said. “Knowing that readers will be consuming it all at once—trade volumes are so bingeable!—really lets us pry open the world of the book and tell the story of Moonstruck the way it deserves to be told.”

In SOME ENCHANTED EVENING, werewolf barista Julie and her magical pals are ready for the quiet life after their most recent brush with magical misfortune. But when they try to unwind at a party, a conniving fraternity of fairy bros throw a giant wrench into their evening plans. With one of their friends trapped in the frat house and the winter solstice—a notable night of magical mischief—looming ever closer, it’s up to the amorous werewolves and gregarious centaur to save the day.

MOONSTRUCK, VOL. 2: SOME ENCHANTED EVENING will be available in February 2019.

Select praise for MOONSTRUCK:“Ludicrously pretty, enormously heart-warming; don’t myth it.” —Kieron Gillen (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE)

“Like with Goldie Vance, Misfits, and Kim & Kim, I smiled through the entire reading (and re-reading, and re-re-reading…). Consider me hooked.” —

“Reading MOONSTRUCK is like watching a magic trick up close. Even as you pore over Shae Beagle’s beautiful art and laugh at Grace Ellis’ sharp dialogue, you don’t notice that you’ve sunk into a whole new world that’s packed full of weirdness but feels cozy and lived-in.” —Christopher Sebela (CROWDED, SHANGHAI RED)

“Whether they’re werewolf or centaur, there’s no denying the humanity in these creatures.” —Comics Verse

“In a space where every lycanthropic tale we get is male-dominated and aggressive, it’s a real treat to meet MOONSTRUCK’s protagonist, Julie.” —Nylon

“A light-hearted twist on mythical monsters that is rooted in relatable personal dramedy.” —AV Club

“Ellis’ writing captures the intricacies of blossoming love (and the lengths we go to in order to tend to the spark), while Beagle’s art reveals a lush and welcoming world, brimming with inclusivity… Get ready to fall in love with the world of MOONSTRUCK.” —

“I genuinely loved the world Ellis and Beagle created. Their storytelling presents a creative way to talk about ‘otherness’ and self-acceptance. Most importantly, it’s really fun.” —Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

“Finding a fantasy world this compelling and immersive is a rare gift.” —Rogues Portal

“Shae Beagle’s deft hand and Caitlin Quirk’s colors make this a soft pastel joy to behold, amplifying its fantastical universe.” —Multiversity Comics

“Whether you’re looking for more light-hearted, romantic adventure books, more magic, more LGBTQ representation, more barista shenanigans, or some combination thereof, MOONSTRUCK is my best recommendation for you.” —In Full Bleed

“Proof that the liminal spaces of cafes and bistros are perfectly suited to comics with a lot of heart and beautiful art.” —Paste Magazine


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