The International Comic Expo Comes To Brighton This June

The International Comic Expo Comes To Brighton This June

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♦Olly Macnamee previews ICE down in Brighton this summer…

While the International Comics Expo (ICE) has become a firm date in the growing comic-con calendar in the Midlands, event director Shane Chebsey has decided to dig out his swimming trunks, bucket and spade and heading on down to the south coast and Brighton this June 9th.

Known as a con that puts the ‘comics’ firmly front and centre, the guest list of visiting professionals is quite a sight; particularly for a one day event. Previously announced guests include such luminaries as David Gibbons (No Man’s Sky – no point listing the obvious) and Pat Mills (Misty – see previous), whom I will have the pleasure of going head-to-head with as he discusses his career to date (no doubt) and his new book, Serial Killers (Read ‘Em and Weep). You can see the full line-up of creators on their official website here.

“ICE has always strived to bring UK fans comic creators they don’t see at conventions every year and thanks to a case of perfect timing we can now offer fans a unique experience at this year’s show,” said Chebsey, referring no doubt to the line-up and the added value of having a guest like Christopher who hasn’t been a big presence at UK comic-cons I think.

And, alongside creators working for the US companies, there will be a good array of indie creators and their comics too, if the Birmingham show is anything to go by. Again, if you take a trip over to the ICE website it will be regularly updated over the coming weeks.

Then, if you enjoyed this freshman year show on the south coast, why not head up to their two day event in Birmingham – the home of the UK comic-con – in September, where you could well bump into Dan Slott (Tomb Raider – see, I’m still doing it) in one of his few UK appearances this year.

ICE: giving you a comic-con that isn’t a con when it comes to comics.

  1. Just a quick note:
    JTC is at Birmingham which is still a one day show ☺

    Thanks for the plug guys


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