Jaime Hernandez Picks His Top 10 Criterion Films

Jaime Hernandez Picks His Top 10 Criterion Films

The Films That Influenced The Love And Rockets Artist

♦ Over at criterion.com, one of their more recent Top 10 lists was with artist and comic illustrator Jaime Hernandez. Artist Jaime Hernandez’s diabolically clever illustrations for our release of Divorce Italian Style (now available as a signed art print at the Criterion store) made for one of our most popular DVD covers. And this month, Hernandez has sent us his top ten favorite Criterion Collection titles. “I put these in alphabetical order,” he said, “so I wouldn’t drive myself mad trying to pick my most favorite.” Hernandez is the coauthor—along with his brothers Gilbert and Mario—of the seminal comic Love and Rockets. His most recent books, all available from Fantagraphics Books, include Ghost of Hoppers, The Education of Hopey Glass and Locas: The Maggie and Hopey Stories…

1. Bicycle Thieves
Vittorio De Sica
Watching Bruno watch his dad sink into the pits of despair and live to tell about it is a journey to share.

2. Black Orpheus
dir: Marcel Camus
I don’t know what to say about this one other than that it’s always belonged high on my list.

3. Equinox
dir: Jack Woods
The low budget and the amateur quality only help to create the unnerving creepiness of it.

4. My Life as a Dog
dir: Lasse Hallström
Fun fun fun. Life life life.

5. Nights of Cabiria
dir: Federico Fellini
One of my favorite female characters in the movies. Only to be topped by . . .

6. Pickup on South Street
dir: Samuel Fuller
Jean Peters as Candy is my favourite female character in any movie.

7. Seven Samurai
dir: Akira Kurosawa
I just had to have Kurosawa in here, and this one won the coin toss.

8. Stranger Than Paradise
dir: Jim Jarmusch
Saw this right at the time as I was getting serious with my own work. Yes, serious.

9. The Thief of Bagdad
dir: Tim Whelan, Michael Powell and Ludwig Berger
It makes me want to be a sailor, sailing out to sea.

10. The Wages of Fear
dir: Henri-Georges Clouzot
How could I not have this one on here?

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