January Jones Talks About The Last Man On Earth

January Jones Talks About The Last Man On Earth

A Huge Task Ahead?

♦ Build just chatted with January Jones about comedy drama The Last Man On Earth, now on its fourth season, and here is that conversation…

After a deadly virus swept the planet in 2020, only one man was left on earth: Tandy Miller. Tandy searched the country in his RV for other survivors, only to return to his hometown of Tucson, realizing that he was almost certainly the last living being on the face of the earth. Slowly, a handful of other survivors found their way to Phil, including his now-wife, Carol Pilbasian, a gratingly optimistic, grammar-loving woman with a goal of repopulating the earth. After Carol, came Melissa Chartres (January Jones), who suffers no fools. Jones drops in to talk about the FOX series, The Last Man on Earth.

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