Jonathan Burton Talks About Illustrating The Folio Society’s Game Of Thrones

Jonathan Burton Talks About Illustrating The Folio Society’s Game Of Thrones

Bringing Westeros To Life On The Page

Jonathan Burton created the beautiful Folio Society edition of George RR Martin’s Game Of Thrones and here’s a video with him talking about how…

A publishing phenomenon; the biggest TV series in the world; a book that revolutionised a genre. A Game of Thrones is also, above and beyond all these things, a uniquely addictive piece of literature, claiming legions of fans and winning vast critical acclaim, and now The Folio Society presents the ultimate illustrated collector’s edition. Award-winning illustrator Jonathan Burton has provided a series of gorgeous colour illustrations that take the reader deeper into the realms of Westeros than ever before. His work can also be seen in the stunning binding designs, the chapter heading illustrations, and even in a special image hidden on the inside of the unique slipcase. Jonathan Burton says: ‘[Illustrating A Game of Thrones] became much more involved than I ever imagined with the universe of characters, costumes, settings and creatures all needing to be interpreted in an original way whilst being true to the book. I threw myself into this world 100% and relished in it’s rich and strange visual atmosphere bringing together medieval romanticism, dark drama and chilling horror. Delicious.’ The Folio Society produces beautifully crafted collector’s editions of the world’s greatest books, each with unique illustrations or specially researched photographs throughout. Find books you love at View this edition:

Bound in three-quarter blocked cloth with a printed and blocked cloth front board
Set in Vendetta with Esmeralda as display
824 pages in total over two volumes
6 full page and 2 double-page colour illustrations per volume
Printed in black & gold throughout
8 illustrated chapter openers and 9 illustrated house sigils
9 family trees in volume two
Fold-out map inserted in case, bound in blocked cloth
Printed endpapers
Coloured tops
Blocked and printed slipcase with printed illustration inside
10˝ x 6¾˝

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