Kenneth Branagh Talks Tenet To Collider

Kenneth Branagh Talks Tenet   To Collider

Saving Cinema?

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet comes out in cinemas on 31 July and here’s one of its stars, Kenneth Branagh, talking about it to Collider…

What is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet actually about? What the hell is time inversion? Is this movie actually going to debut in cinemas just over a month from now? These are all questions barely anyone on Earth can answer right this moment, but Kenneth Branagh—who may or may not be playing the antagonist in Tenet—knows more than most. When Collider’s Steven Weintraub sat down with the actor to discuss his directing efforts on Disney+ film Artemis Fowl, we also picked Branagh’s brain about the attention Tenet is receiving as the first major blockbuster to (maybe!) hit theaters amid the COVID shutdown.

Here’s what Branagh had to say: “The pandemic and our movement toward this latest development…is symbolised by the return of large numbers of people to all be at a distance but still [take part in a] group communal experience of a piece of entertainment. That’s a big deal right now in our world, it’s important. It would seem to go with what I can tell you is a movie that is worth the public’s attention, that can be a great thing. All other movie companies are looking at it with real interest, to say the least, because it also uniquely combines with [Nolan’s] unusual brand. An auteur filmmaker who knows how to make a blockbuster. So if he’s on form, then the movie business gets a lovely kick back into the direction of somewhere near normal.”

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