Legion Season Two Will Include X-Men Costumes And Locations

Legion Season Two Will Include X-Men Costumes And Locations

A Stronger Connection To The Mutants We Know And Love

♦ Over at ScreenRant, they have just revealed that season two of Fox’s oddball mutant show Legion created by Fargo’s Noah Hawley will include greater connections with Marvel’s X-Men…

Legion’s Dan Stevens said in an interview with ComicBook.com at SDCC last month: 

“There’s some cool outfits that we haven’t seen; there’s some hair that we’ve got to work up to; there’s also some locations… there’s some stuff in Tibet in the comics, I wouldn’t be adverse to it.”

His season 1 co-star, Aubrey Plaza, who played Lenny Busker – David’s mental hospital friend – chipped in and shared about the possibility of show exploring the history and background of series big bad The Shadow King:

“There’s Farouk’s family – let’s bring the family in. See where this b*tch comes from.”

We may even see Professor X make an appearance. We shall find out when the second season kicks off.


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