A Look Back At 2017 And A Look Forward To 2018

A Look Back At 2017 And A Look Forward To 2018

Making Plans For The Future Of Tripwire

♦ As we always do at this time of year, we thought we would take a look back at the past year and a look forward at the forthcoming year on tripwire…

2017 was our best year to date on tripwiremagazine.co.uk since we switched to the web. We started in 2015 and visitors to the site have been more than double what they were in 2016. It was always our intention to try and replicate Tripwire the magazine online. At last, we are starting to do that.

2017 was a huge year for genre with a number of massive films out and comics tried to keep up with things like DC’s Doomsday Clock.

We are now trying to offer both originated material like interviews we did with people like Mike Perkins, Steve Pugh, Rufus Dayglo, Dave Gibbons and Manu Bennett and curated material from elsewhere, bringing attention to the worthwhile content that is located on other people’s sites.

2018 looks like another amazing year for us: we shall be building on what we have done so far but continuing to offer the people the best and most interesting content in the fields that we cover. For the first time ever, Tripwire is involved in the Portsmouth Comic Con, a show that will hopefully become a regular fixture every May, bringing a selection of high-calibre talent from the worlds of comics and genre for a weekend. The first one will feature the likes of Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, Frank Quitely, John Paul Leon, Dave Dorman, Shawn Martinbrough plus a number of Star Wars and Doctor Who production guests.

We have also missed seeing Tripwire in print and we are currently in negotiations with one of the biggest US comic publishers to make that a reality in 2018. It would be very exciting to see Tripwire back as a physical entity and it would be appropriate with us having just celebrated the 25th anniversary this year.

Additionally, editor-in-chief JOEL MEADOWS’ new studio book featuring comic artists and illustrators talking about their studios, provisionally called Masters Of Comics: Inside The Artists’ Studios. This book includes many of the finest comic artists and illustrators including Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Quitely, Rafael Albuquerque, John Paul Leon, Milo Manara, Posy Simmonds, JH Williams III and many more. Early copies should be available at the Portsmouth Comic Con in May.

In 2017, we also added to our writing pool with Olly MacNamee, who has headed off to Comicon.com but may be back from time to time, Stephen Dalton, who we are hoping will be doing more for us next year, and even the occasional contribution from Dominic Wells, who has one of the most impressive CVs of any journalist or editor in publishing or journalism. James DC continued to contribute to us and we are hopeful we shall see more from him next year. Alasdair Stuart too, one of the most passionate and intelligent advocates for genre culture, also wrote for us in 2017 and with any luck, we shall be running more from him in 2018 too. Tim Hayes also wrote regularly for us and we plan to get more from him too.

It is important that Tripwire continues to offer people a glimpse of what is worthwhile and notable out there and the people involved in creating these things. March next year sees the third anniversary of Tripwire on the web and we hope that people will continue to come and visit us. We have lots of plans moving forward.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for supporting us and we shall see everyone in 2018…

Joel Meadows

editor-in-chief Tripwire


  1. Thanks for inviting me to write for your great site! I have some cool reviews in mind for you, soon. Cheers, James DC


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