Looking Back At Portsmouth Comic Con Last Weekend

Looking Back At Portsmouth Comic Con Last Weekend

Kicking Off A New UK Comic Convention

♦ Last weekend it was the first Portsmouth Comic Con at the Guildhall in the city and here’s a few photos that Tripwire editor-in-chief JOEL MEADOWS took at the show and a few thoughts about the show…

I have attended many shows over the years in the US and in the UK but Portsmouth was very different as Tripwire was the co-producer of the Portsmouth Comic Con. We had been planning it with the staff of the Guildhall since the beginning of last year and I have to say that everything came together even better than we hoped it would do. This isn’t an objective report on the show as that is something that I just couldn’t put together so this is just a post to say thanks to the people I remember to thank who made it what it was.

Firstly, a huge thanks to the man in charge of The Portsmouth Guildhall, Andy Grays, who has been amazing putting it all together. Then there is his team which includes Nick Coles, Curt Hill, Kelly Haswell, Sam Ostle, Katherine Scott, Katie Britton and Kate from Bright Spark PR, all of whom have been incredible and have put in a huge amount of time and effort both before the show and also at the weekend itself.

My partner at the show Andrew Colman was also able to bring something unique to proceedings as well. I also have to say a big thanks to John Bishop and Ed Hipkiss who manned the Tripwire table over the weekend and David Morris, who has offered tons of advice about the show over the past year.

Then there are all of the guests and the exhibitors. Far too many to name individually but they all added something unique to the mix of the show.

I also have to mention fellow panel hosts Olly Macnamee, Tim Hayes, Tim Pilcher, Danny Graydon, John Freeman and Jasper Bark, who were all amazing at keeping their prospective panels together. The various members of the comics press including John Freeman, Rich Johnston, Tim Cundle at Mass Movement and Stefan Blitz at Forces of Geek were incredibly helpful too. Thanks to Gary Marshall, our former Tripwire partner, for grabbing some photos at the show on Saturday.

The first Portsmouth Comic Con was a huge success for everyone involved and we are already beginning to start making plans for a second show next May. Of course as well as everyone else I mentioned before, the show would have been nothing without the public who bought tickets for the show and kicked off Portsmouth with a bang.

Thanks for reading.

Here’s a few photos I took over the weekend

Portsmouth Comic Con photos Joel Meadows www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk

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