Mandip Gill Talks BBC’s Doctor Who

Mandip Gill Talks BBC’s Doctor Who

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♦ Doctor Who season 11 episode 4 is on tonight on BBC1 and here’s a chat with one of its cast members, Mandip Gill, courtesy of the BBC themselves with questions coming from members of the public…

Q1. What inspired you to pursue acting?

A. As a child I was paid 50p by my family to sing/mime or put on little shows. They probably pay me £50 now to stop! I get asked this question a lot and can only think it was a natural progression from being encouraged to perform at home. As I got to about 9/10 years old I started to see roles on television that I wanted to play like a police officer in ‘The Bill’ or be a part of the ‘Goodness Gracious Me Family’ which I think further fuelled the desire to do this professionally. Question asked by: @jodiesource and @DanTotoro87.

Q2. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on set?

A. During a scene in episode 6 Tosin was climbing down out of a cart and the box moved so he fell face down on the floor. That in itself was absolutely hilarious (after we checked he was ok) but watching it back on play back with the whole crew was like the icing on the cake. He found it funny himself so it’s all good. Question asked by: @Ginnie24769846.

Q3. If you could replace the custard cream dispenser from the TARDIS with a snack, what would you choose?

A. This is difficult because custard creams are one of my favourite biscuits so imagine how happy I am if we have to go again and I get to eat the one that comes out. As an alternative I’d have a jaffa cake dispenser! Question asked by: @iiKNIIGHTONii.

Q4. What’s it been like working with Jodie?

A. Amazing. Genuinely one of the most caring, passionate, talented team players I have ever worked with. Her infectious energy and passion for the show day in day out is admirable. I have learnt so much from working with her, watching her and knowing her. I honestly couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to play the Doctor. Question asked by: @BradyKellyJohn1.

Q5. What’s your favourite memory from being on set?

A. Bradley is the biggest joker on set, he loves pranks, he is a professional at them and I just love going to work everyday to be entertained by somebody who loves doing it. I don’t have a particular day because working with that lot means something hilarious happens on a daily basis. Like when Brad threw himself down a whole flight of wooden stairs and we all thought he was seriously hurt. Only for him to stand up and ask if anyone wanted a cup of tea!!!! Don’t try this at home, apparently he has been doing this trick for years. Question asked by: @softthirteen.

Q6. If you could go anywhere in the TARDIS, where would you go?

A. I would go to the beginning of time and see how the world really was created! Question asked by: @VeikkoElo, @warr10rz, @saturnbecca, @NoseIsReliable and @bitfairytaled.

Q7. Which actresses have inspired you?

A. I watch a lot of British television so people like Olivia Coleman, Sheridan Smith and Jodie Comer continue to inspire me with their versatility and story telling in British television. I want to be an Actress that is forced to change in order to play certain characters or tell stories. I don’t want to just play a version of myself. Question asked by: @WhoviVortex.

Q8. What do you like most about your character? //What’s you favourite thing about Yaz?

A. I love that Yaz is a police Officer I think it offers up so many dimensions to her as a character. I can be professional Yaz or home Yaz in situations. Which is far more interesting as her profession adds to her response to certain situations yet home Yaz is incredibly sensitive. Question asked by: @SirDankALot200, @anjali_rbt and @imdoctorwhat.

Q9. Who would be your ideal guest star on the show?

A. Angelina Jolie as a baddie! Imagine that. The Doctor v’s Angelina. Ms Jolie if you’re reading this, the doctor is ready to see you! Question asked by: @BAnton15.

Q10. What is your advice, as one of the strong female roles, to young aspiring girls?

A. Just always know and remember you can literally be anything you want with determination, hard work and most importantly persistence you can be anything! We put a man on the moon so believe me when I say you can do anything! Question asked by: @bop_bts.

Q11. If you weren’t an actor, what would you do?

A. I’m not very good at it, but I would be a baker! The level of artistry that goes into one of those huge showstopper cakes I see on Instagram is incredible. In my next life I would like to be a very good doctor; I am too squeamish in this life! Question asked by: @bethbwestbrook.

Q12. If there was to be another crossover episode with one of the older doctors, which one(s) would you want it to be?

A. Very difficult but from the ones I have seen, I think Tom Baker would bring something different to the TARDIS. I want everyone to still have a place. I also think Graham would have someone to talk to! Question asked by: @m_flygon and @MuhammadMubi.

Q13. Did you have much input into your costume?

A. I met with Ray Holman the costume designer and he had an idea of what they wanted. He asked my opinions, as we went in and out of shops in London but I was so confident in his abilities, that I was very much like ‘You choose so long as I can run in the footwear and stay warm through winter’. I completely trusted his vision and find it has worked on the character so much more. Question asked by: @karengiIIn.


Doctor Who is on tonight on BBC1. Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode

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