Marvel Studios Has Its Eternals Director

Marvel Studios Has Its Eternals Director

Cosmic Odysseys

♦ Marvel’s The Eternals now apparently has its director for its Eternals big-screen adaptation. Here’s a few details…

Chloe Zhao has been brought onboard to direct Marvel Studios’ The Eternals, according to our friends over at Variety. Zhao will apparently be working from a screenplay by Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

In comic books, the Eternals are an ancient race of cosmic beings with connections to the Kree and the Celestials.

According to the Hollywood trade, The Eternals is seen by Marvel as “the perfect transition into its next phase along with Captain Marvel…”

Zhao’s 2017 film The Rider was chosen to debut at the Sundance Film Festival and earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination. Variety reports that several unnamed major studios have been eying Zhao for movies, leading Marvel to hire Zhao quickly after their initial meeting.

We don’t know when it will released but we shall have more news as it gets released over the next few months and years.

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