MCM: The Cast Of Red Dwarf Speak

MCM: The Cast Of Red Dwarf Speak

Back From Outer Space

♦ A couple of weeks ago, we attended the twice yearly MCM London Expo at Excel in London’s Docklands. Here’s the roundtable interview we did with Red Dwarf cast members Hattie Hayridge (Holly), Danny John-Jules (The Cat), Chris Barrie (Arnold Rimmer) and Robert Llewelyn (Kryten), timely because the 12th season is currently on Dave in the UK, conducted with fellow journalists and bloggers…

Red Dwarf MCM London Expo

In this space spoof, Dave Lister (a chicken-soup-machine repairman) is a survivor of a radiation leak on his mining space ship. The problem is that he is the only survivor. But wait … it gets better. Having come out of suspended animation 3,000,000 years later, Lister only has a holograph of his intolerable dead shipmate, the vain Cat (an evolvement of his former pet), old and senile ship’s computer Holly (think HAL with memory loss) and robot Kryten.

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