Michael And Bill Mantlo Need Our Help

Michael And Bill Mantlo Need Our Help

Assist A Comic Creator In His Time Of Need

Michael Mantlo is the brother of veteran comics writer Bill and they need our help. They are running a gofundme campaign to help with their medical bills and here’s the details…

Hello world.  My name is Michael, and as embarrassing and humiliating as it is for me to admit, I am now in need of some serious assistance. 
My big brother is, and has been, permanently disabled for the last 27 years, and I willingly accepted the responsibility of being appointed his caregiver all those years ago.  

I have been attempting to bring my brother home from the nursing home he has been placed in for the last 10 years.  It has been a difficult struggle, filled with numerous pitfalls and obstacles, but I gave my word to him that I would do everything in my power to make it happen so that he could live out the rest of his life with dignity, and peace.  It has become painfully obvious to me in the last few months that the powers that be will not let that happen.  

As for me, being retired and living on a fixed income, this ordeal has become a financial nightmare.  I have nearly bankrupted myself in my attempts to build a home for my brother, and arranging for his necessary care.  The reimbursements from his money sources don’t come anywhere near covering all that I have sacrificed for him from my own funds.  I have been playing credit card roulette in order to finance everything I’ve done for him, and now it has overwhelmed me.  I am nearly $100,000 in debt, and the piper is demanding payment.  
I have never been one to beg, and I’m having to swallow hard on my pride here, but if any of you can find it in your hearts to help me, I would be eternally grateful.  

I love my brother, and no matter what happens, I will always do whatever I can to help him.  

At this point in time, I need YOU to help me.  

Thank you all for any, and everything, you do.

Here’s the link for the gofundme campaign


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