Milo Manara’s Sketches For The Barbarella That Never Was

Milo Manara’s Sketches For The Barbarella That Never Was

A New Space Age?

♦Italian comics master Milo Manara, an artist with decades of drawing under his belt, worked on a new version of Barbarella which never happened a few years ago. Here are a few of his concept drawings with thanks to James Hudnall for tipping us off…

Manara Barbarella

Several proposed Barbarella films were proposed in the 2000s. Director Robert Rodriguez was interested in developing his own version of the film after the release of Sin City. Universal Pictures was set to create the film with Rose McGowan taking on the role of Barbarella. Dino and Martha De Laurentiis signed on with writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who had previously worked on Casino Royale. After the budget was set to pass $80 million, Universal stepped out of the production. When discussing his version of the film with the original, Rodriguez stated he did not want his film to resemble the look of Vadim’s film. Rodriguez went in search of alternate financing after Universal was not giving him a requested $80 million budget and found a studio in Germany which $70 million. Rodriguez eventually left the project, as filming with this studio meant shooting and post-production in Germany, which he felt would have him away from his family for too long. Following Rodriguez leaving the project, Joe Gazzam was approached to write a screenplay for the film with Robert Luketic attached to direct with Dino and Marth De Laruentiis still being credited as producers.

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