Neil Gaiman Discusses Alan Moore And Miracleman

Neil Gaiman Discusses Alan Moore And Miracleman

A Miraculous Run?

Neil Gaiman wrote a run of Miracleman back in the 1980s and 1990s and he followed on from Alan Moore. Here he talks about working on that run courtesy of our friends at Birth.Movies.Death…

Miracleman (née Marvelman) began as a ripoff of Shazam – the original Captain Marvel – created for UK readers in the mid-1950s. The character faded away in the 1960s but stuck in the imaginations of kids from that era. In 1982, a revival led by Alan Moore changed the course of superhero comics forever. Neil Gaiman was handpicked by Moore to continue the series after he left. With Shazam! opening this weekend, it felt like a good time to ask the legendary author about Miracleman, Alan Moore, and the beginning of modern superhero storytelling.

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