New Cast Members Added To Cloak & Dagger For Season Two

New Cast Members Added To Cloak & Dagger For Season Two

New Faces

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger comes back for a second season on Freeform from 4 April and there are some new faces joining the show. Here’s some details from Marvel themselves…

Brooklyn McLinn (“Black-ish”) plays Andre Deschaine, a charismatic leader and man who wants to change lives. In a previous career, Andre was a musician until life had other plans for him. Still driven to change the world in some way, he refocused all the energy he previously put into his music into serving the community.

Brooklyn McLinn plays Andre Deschaine

Lia Dewan, played by Dilshad Vadsaria (“The Oath”), is the daughter of immigrants, who tried to entertain her parents’ wishes to get into medicine, but seemingly gave it all up for a man. Her background gave her enough knowledge to become a community support group leader specializing in victims of abuse. She uses her own tumultuous personal history to connect with Tandy and the women in her support group. If she can’t save herself, she will focus on other women.

Dilshad Vadsaria plays Lia Dewan

Mikayla Bell, played by Cecilia Leal (“Mr. Mercedes”), is a friendly, but troubled, woman from Tandy and Melissa Bowen’s support group. Mikayla’s shy demeanor hides an insecure woman desperate for acceptance, and defensive against advice. But she’s inherently likable, and we’re rooting for her. Always. She’s allowed herself to be forced to attend a support group for battered women, even if she refuses to believe she has anything in common with the other victims.

Mikayla Bell is played by Cecilia Leal

The two-hour premiere is on Thursday, 4 April on Freeform at 8pm in the US.

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