New Photo Released Showing Off Jodie Whittaker As Doctor Who

New Photo Released Showing Off Jodie Whittaker As Doctor Who

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♦ The first full series of Doctor Who featuring Jodie Whittaker doesn’t start until the autumn but the BBC has released a new photo of her…

Looking to the future…

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The Thirteenth Doctor is the current incarnation of The Doctor, the fictional protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who. She is portrayed by English actor Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to portray the character in the series. In the show’s narrative, the Doctor is a time travelling, humanoid alien from a race known as the Time Lords. To account for actors’ departure from the series, the programme introduced the narrative concept of regeneration, a means for Time Lords to recover from mortal or fatal injuries, giving them a new physiology, appearance, and a distinct new personality.

Whittaker appeared for the first time as the Thirteenth Doctor at the end of the 2017 Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time,” and will star as the Doctor from 2018, starting with the programme’s eleventh series.

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