Pat Mills And Kevin O’Neill Take Over Gosh Comics In London

Pat Mills And Kevin O’Neill Take Over Gosh Comics In London

Serial Thriller

♦Last night, Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill came to Gosh Comics in London to sign copies of Serial Killer, their new prose novel. Tripwire was there to get a few photos of the pair…

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Serial Killer:

The 1970s.

A dangerous time for kids … An even more dangerous time for adults.

Meet comic book editor Dave Maudling:
The world’s laziest serial killer.
The world’s most cowardly serial killer.

Actually, he’s never killed anyone himself – yet.

His readers do his killings for him.

Meet Jean, Dave’s femme fatale mother.
She’s glamorous. She’s dangerous. She’s dead.


Praise for Serial Killer

“This is a book with teeth, it will flick you in the balls with a towel and get off with your girlfriend behind your back. It is full of nuanced speech and setting, full of energy and cunning and most of all you will devour it and ask where the next serving is coming from.”– Antony Esmond, DownTheTubes

“Quite a few times I’d start laughing my head off reading this in the kitchen and my daughters would want to know what was so funny.”– Amazon Reviewer

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