Peter Gould On Better Call Saul Season Five

Peter Gould On Better Call Saul Season Five

One Of The Men Behind Saul

Better Call Saul has just returned for a fifth season and here’s one of its showrunners Peter Gould talking about it to Variety…

“Jimmy’s choices make me sad,” Gould says. “I like the good-hearted Jimmy who I’ve known for the first four seasons. That guy is not gone, but he’s accompanied by this other side of him, this Saul Goodman who is not necessarily as good hearted. He thinks he knows what he’s doing, but in a lot of ways Jimmy is walking into a new area of life without really understanding where he’s going. “

The showrunners are reticent to give away any spoilers for the new season:

“I don’t really think that folks are going to expect exactly where we’re going with this, or what happens between Jimmy and Kim this season,” he says. “One of the hearts of the show, and maybe the heart of the show, is this relationship between Kim and Jimmy. And I’m so proud of how that has progressed. It’s a very adult relationship, a very real relationship. And even under stress, I find the two of them fascinating to watch.”

“Mike and Gus have a very complicated relationship,” Gould says. “I don’t think Mike is ever going to get over what happened with Werner Ziegler at the end of last season. I think a big question is, how is he going to work with Gus Fring going forward? This season you’re going to see that that relationship gets very fraught and these two characters, we’re going to learn things about both of these guys that we didn’t know before.”

Shooting Better Call Saul has altered Gould’s attitudes to Breaking Bad:

“On ‘Breaking Bad’ I thought I knew who Saul Goodman was,” he says. “And now when I see a scene with Bob from ‘Breaking Bad,’ I don’t just see Saul Goodman, I see Jimmy McGill being Saul Goodman. And I wonder, what’s going on behind that mask? Likewise with Mike, we know so much more about what brought him to where he was on ‘Breaking Bad.’ But I think, weirdly enough, he seems deeper and more troubled now. So it’s a very interesting circle.”

The show isn’t just a prequel to BB, as Gould explained: “It’s interesting to write about a guy who is a coward,” Gould says. “He’s the cockroach that got away from the explosion. But what happens to that cockroach, and does he stay a cockroach? I am fascinated by the way Bob plays Gene and by the things you see bubbling up with Gene this season.”

Gould is just getting ready to prepare for the final season soon:

“I have a notebook full of mostly questions, worries and things that we need to pay off or I’m hoping we will pay off,” he says.

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