Pick Yourself Up A David Mack Art Print Featuring Neil Gaiman

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♦ David Mack has just unveiled a rather lovely art print featuring Neil Gaiman and his rules for writing so we felt we just had to share it with everyone here…


















Here’s what they say about it on the website

When David showed us the artwork he came up with for Neil’s 8 Rules of Writing print, we shrieked! SO gorgeous.

This is an 11″ x 17″ limited edition print which will debut in physical form at David Mack’s artist alley table at San Diego Comic Con!

As we like to do, we are having a pre-sale on the prints for $25 for the next seven days while they are being produced (right here in Hollywood, CA).

They will go up in price at midnight July 11, 2018. David will have them at his table for signing the following week in San Diego. I will have Neil and David sign a small batch as well while they are in the same air space-

The first run will be 1250.

The print is available to order from neverwear.net either unsigned or signed here

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