Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 Celebrates Batman’s 80th Anniversary

Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 Celebrates Batman’s 80th Anniversary

Celebrating Eight Decades Of The Dark Knight On The South Coast

2019 is Batman’s 80th anniversary and Portsmouth Comic Con 2019, taking place on 4 to 5 May will feature an exclusive exhibition reproducing many of the Dark Knight’s classic images, past and present…

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The Batman 80th anniversary exhibition features many of the character’s most iconic covers with art by legends like Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Brian Bolland and Jim Lee, reproduced at a size and quality many people haven’t seen before.

Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 sees the return of the hugely successful show to the South Coast for a second May. Guests of honour this time include Marvel legend Roy Thomas, Batman writer Steve Englehart, artist Liam Sharp (The Green Lantern) artist and illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards, Image artist Tomm Coker plus a host of British-based talent including Sean Phillips, Chris Weston, Laurence Campbell, The Etherington Brothers, Game of Thrones concept artist William Simpson and Rob Williams. From Ireland we shall have Marvel, DC and Image writer and artist Declan Shalvey

There will also be a steampunk zone focusing on War Of The Worlds, a zone with classic video games and a number of exhibitions celebrating Batman’s 80th birthday, the art of Game Of Thrones showcasing Will Simpson’s concepts and a selection of Marvel art too. There will also be a Back To The Future DeLorean, a panel celebrating the life of comics legend Stan Lee and much more.

There will something for everyone interested in comics, film, TV and genre at the show.

here is the show website for further information about the Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 and where people can get tickets for it

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