Previewing Brubaker And Phillips’ Criminal #7

Previewing Brubaker And Phillips’ Criminal #7

Living Outside The Law

Criminal#7 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips hits shops on 21 August and here’s a black and white preview of the issue courtesy of Brubaker’s online newsletter…

Here’s what Brubaker had to say to introduce the preview: “Sean is just wrapping up the next issue this week, so here is a quick peek, pre-colours, of the Ricky Lawless-centric issue of CRUEL SUMMER. As I said last time, the way these are being told almost feels like each chapter is the beginning of a story, but as you keep reading them, the overlap starts revealing the plot, before the action takes over.”

The best monthly comic on the market keeps the hits coming! Young Ricky Lawless and Leo (from Criminal, Vol. 1: Coward) take the spotlight this issue, as the epic story of the death of Teeg Lawless continues! As always, Criminal contains back page art and articles only found in the single issues.

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