Previewing DC’s Kamandi Challenge#11 By Williams and Simsonson

Previewing DC’s Kamandi Challenge#11 By Williams and Simsonson

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♦ The penultimate issue of DC’s Kamandi Challenge, #11, comes out next week, 22 November, and Freaksugar have just run a preview of it, written by Rob Williams and drawn by Walter Simonson. Both are friends of Tripwire and both are very talented creators so we thought visitors here might enjoy seeing this preview too…

Kamandi Challenge#11 preview

Here’s the issue synopsis:

After the jaw-dropping ending of last issue, Rob Williams and comics legend Walter Simonson take our hero to new heights…space! It’s the penultimate issue of this acclaimed round-robin series, and the mysterious Misfit has imprisoned Kamandi on his mothership headed on a one-way trip to the Tek-Moon! Now, Kamandi must decide between finding his parents and escaping his captors for good. It’s time for the last boy on earth to become a man. Will he be up to the challenge?

It has been a fun series and it should make a very impressive collection when it is all put in one volume.

Freaksugar Kamandi Challenge #11 Preview

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