Previewing The Return of BBC’s Luther

Previewing The Return of BBC’s Luther

A New Case

♦ Idris Elba is back as Luther on the BBC next year and here’s a first teaser trailer from the new series…

we know very little about the new season but Elba did tease a few things when he spoke to Radio Times a few days ago

Elba wants to stay tight-lipped on the drama that made him a household name (“I can’t say. I’m really sorry. I can’t give you anything”) – but he can’t help himself from dropping a few intriguing hints. “I mean there is a lot of excitement about the characters that are in this one,” he says.

So why did he decide to put on the coat he first wore seven years ago, and return to the part of John Luther?

“Luther has never been scheduled to do it every year,” he explains. “We do it whenever we want, and that’s why this feels like a good time to come back; it’s just because we’ve been away for a while. 

“There is unfinished business, but there’s also more Luther. There’s more of that really complex character that I love to play.”


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