The Props And Costumes From Game Of Thrones’ Beyond The Wall

The Props And Costumes From Game Of Thrones’ Beyond The Wall

Northern Lights

♦ Over on, they just spoke the show’s armourer Tommy Dunne and its costume designer Michele Clapton abut the challenges of creating the look of the North …

If The Spoils of War brought the fire, Beyond the Wall brought fans North to experience the ice. For a battle location like no other, both Game of Thrones armourer Tommy Dunne and costume designer Michele Clapton had new challenges and inspirations. “Every year we say, ‘It can’t get any bigger,’ ” shares Dunne, “and of course it gets bigger.”

Two stand-out pieces from the episode are Gendry’s warhammer — wielded by the Hound — and Daenerys’ winter coat. Dunne is happy with the final look of the hammer: “It’s a good, strong design.” He explains the weapon’s detailing is meant to reflect Gendry’s bloodline: “It has the House Baratheon design sculpted, with the stag sigil on either side.”

As for Dany’s coat, Clapton wanted to keep the look in the same shape as the Mother of Dragon’s other outfits this season. “It was just extraordinary,” Clapton says of the garment. “We created the fabric in the work room. It’s such a strong look for riding the dragon through the snow.”

Check out props and costumes from this episode below.

Game of Thrones costume and armour behind the scenes

Making Game of Thrones props and costumes feature

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